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Sébastien Simoni, Co-Founder & CEO
Today, mobile devices constitute the majority of all internet traffic globally and more than 90 percent of the mobile devices time is spent on apps. Users clearly appreciate the advanced and engaging user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) that convey meaningful and relevant information to them. While today businesses strive to make everything that’s on the web available on mobile devices too, they require a certain level of knowledge and experience to develop these apps. Meanwhile, creating and publishing apps can be expensive, and the diverse specificities in mobile technology make it hard to have all the resources internally. With millions of downloads under its belt and a long history of developing both native and progressive web apps (PWA), GoodBarber is on a mission to assist firms in building their own apps, regardless of capital or size.

GoodBarber offers a complete intuitive tool to create apps at a competitive price by regrouping development and maintenance for over 30,000 apps in its infrastructure, without any coding. “You can retain your audience, promote your content without a tech team, dividing the cost by 20,” says Sébastien Simoni, CEO, and Co-founder at GoodBarber. One of the pioneer developers of native apps and PWA both on mobile and desktop, GoodBarber delivers an excellent experience and quality content to the end-users. “Mobile is in our DNA, and our team is up to date with the latest trends, stores’ new policies, and innovations in this domain,” he adds.

Anybody can create an app with GoodBarber by merely providing a valid email address in its 30-days free trial offer, wherein the clients can try out all the features of the platform, including support. With more than 360 custom features at their disposal and step-by-step guidance right from the initial stage, until the app is published, the clients are stocked with unlimited options to make their app unique in the store. Then, the company’s review team comes into play for checking and generating the app before sending it to the store. “GoodBarber’s over eight years of expertise in submission process helps clients to write apt app description and boost its app store optimization (ASO).

Mobile is in our DNA, and our team is up to date with the latest trends, policies, and innovations in this domain

Once the app is published, our team provides all the necessary tools and strategies for effective advertising, stats management, and user engagement in the app,” adds Simoni.

GoodBarber recently helped two entrepreneurs, Rob Lucier and his nephew Will Gasner to develop an app on Block Island, one of the finest destinations on the East Coast of the United States, and part of National Geographic’s ‘50 World’s Last Great Places— Destinations of a Lifetime.’ The app gathers everything needed to discover Block Island like ferry timetables, restaurants, bars, shopping, places to visit, local news, weather and tide data, events to come, and more. Thanks to GoodBarber’s expertise, the client was able to create a customizable and complete native app as well as a PWA, which the users can enjoy on any screen, anywhere, with or without an internet connection.

Unlike its competitors, GoodBarber firmly believes in developing beautiful and affordable apps quickly without ever compromising on the design. The company focuses mainly on UI and offers unlimited options within each feature to customize the app. Its unlimited white label services for resellers allow building apps for their clients quickly, while keeping the development costs low. GoodBarber takes care of the technical side, leaving the resellers to focus on the service aspect and reap the benefits of a dedicated and intuitive UI to manage all their projects efficiently.

Moving forward, GoodBarber plans to innovate and improve its products and be operational in a broad time zone. The company recently presented its latest product in the 2019 Mobile World Congress (MWC) at Spain, which will be launched into the market by this summer. In days to come, GoodBarber looks forward to expanding its solutions in the e-commerce arena.


Ajaccio, France

Sébastien Simoni, Co-Founder & CEO

Creates robust, powerful, and customizable apps both on mobile and web that are affordable to everyone