GoodData: Combining Cloud and BI for Actionable Insights

Jeff Morris VP, Product Marketing
Today, an organization is essentially an immense compilation of knowledge and information spanning across various verticals. “The absence of proper data analytics software in the midst of continual data mining activities has resulted in one of the biggest challenges in the Knowledge Management landscape (KM)—data accumulation,” says Jeff Morris, VP, Product Marketing at GoodData, the leading provider of business intelligence for data monetization to enterprises and ISVs.Technology plays a massive role in transforming the KM space, inspiring the development of robust platforms that leverage KM strategies, in response to new demands and challenges. Extending this trend in a substantial manner is GoodDatawho provides a cloud-based KMplatform and BI SaaS solution that adds analytic maturity and business success to the KM arena.

“The cloud platform not only helps our clients but also our clients’ customers,” says Morris. He further states, “In the KM landscape, we have recognized certain activities, which lead to data accumulation, and GoodData provides a solution that has been built from a user’s perspective to overcome the gridlocks in KM.” GoodData’s analytics distribution platform is a highly scalable and secure, cloud BI solution that disengages the value of enterprise data assets by delivering targeted analytics to customers and business partners. The platform assists GoodData’s clients in performing analyses, conducting comparisons between the best practices in the industry, and creating analytic experiences of their own. Personal CSV data, when loaded into the analytics workspace, can be automatically synchronized alongside self service analytics. This is followed by added insights via email sharing, alerts, and notifications, keeping in mind the significance of the data-driven culture. The platform also automates the provisioning and updating of multiple analytical workspaces at once, helping the client grow without worrying about scalability, security, or performance of the platform. “In addition, the GoodData platform includes advanced distribution and product lifecycle management features that automate the process of maintaining one-to-many cloud deployments,” adds Morris.
GoodData has sustained a number of clients by providing leading KM solutions with its cloud platform. A case in point would be HP. Before GoodData, all HP software BI reports were completed manually by a small, offshore team. “In addition, our customers also wanted a
clearer view on their ROI, marketing spend and mix, and feedback from their customers,” says Kayton Bhatia, Senior Director of Strategy for HP Software. “We considered working with our internal BI team to create the analytics we needed, but GoodData’s cloud-based platform, which continually updates and enables us to aggregate many sources and use custom filters, was a faster, more cost-effective way to proceed.”With GoodData’s insightvia its self-service analytics, HP Software can now visualize their group’s entire sales funnel in real time. In addition, Bhatia’s teams can not only prove that the new approach accelerates sales; they’re empowering marketing teams with instant insight about their ROI as well as improving user experience for HP’s customers.

The GoodData platform includes advanced distribution and product lifecycle management features to automate the process of maintaining one-to-many cloud deployments

So what is next for GoodData? GoodData is looking to invest heavily in opportunity of the backend knowledge and data pipeline, which will help to analyze data problems and implement cloud services—making it easier for customers to unlock the value of their data. According to Morris, “Our overall roadmap is to continue to invest in analytics distribution and scale the functionality that we can offer. We are continuing to expand out partnership network, especially with leaders in the data warehousing space, thereby ushering in a new era in the user analytics experience,” explains Morris.


San Francisco, CA

Jeff Morris VP, Product Marketing

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