Gooee: Bringing Sensing and Connectivity to Enterprise Lighting with the IoT

Consumers in the lighting industry are increasingly becoming aware of energy efficiency. They demand light sources that are eco-friendly and cost effective at the same time. Therefore, to meet customer’s need, traditional lighting manufacturers are embracing Internet of Things (IoT) to become ‘smart’. They are integrating low cost sensors and wireless connectivity into the light. However, “bringing sensitivity and managing various protocols and communication-critical software becomes a big challenge for the enterprises,” expresses Simon Combes, CTO at Gooee. “The lighting manufacturers also need to maintain the business scalability and profitability while making disruptive changes in the lighting arena,” he adds. Apart from the technological drawbacks, as consumers have less knowledge about this advancement, they would have to consult a specialist for every small or big lighting issue.

With over decades of knowledge in the lighting industry, Gooee from San Francisco, CA, focuses on design, engineering, and supply of hardware, software and data management components across the LED lighting value chain. Gooee is the creator of the world’s first full-stack operating platform to connect lighting manufacturers to the IoT. Understanding the need for smart and easy to use lights to develop a lighting control system, Gooee is connecting the lighting manufacturers to the IoT with their revolutionary operating platform, Lighting 3.0— the convergence of lighting, technology, and data. “We have built an enterprise scale IoT ecosystem that focuses on retail, office, commercial and industrial application,” shares Combes. This operating platform integrates various components and devices for smart lighting. Gooee has engineered sensor Application Specific Integrated Chip (ASIC) that can sense motion, direction, ambient light levels and temperature. “This purpose-built sensor has multiple sensing inputs both to monitor environment and LED performance,” illustrates Combes.

In addition, the company provides Wireless Interface Module (WIM) that is combined with both the LED driver and sensing ASIC to provide control over the light fixture and monitors power consumption.
Besides, Gooee’s enterprise-scale gateway manages the demand of large scale installations of lighting and sensor end-points. It is supported by the WIM which not only extends the range of gateway but also stabilizes the connectivity where internet signal is low. The Gooee components are powered by their cloud platform, which is designed to manage the high-volume of transaction data form on-premise. “Our cloud offering provides an extensible platform to develop applications and data visualization through API,” says Combes.

We have built an enterprise scale IoT ecosystem that focuses on retail, office, commercial and industrial application

Gooee is bringing intelligence into light for more control over power consumption. “We are trying to develop a technology standard for lighting control and sensing through our innovations,” shares Combes. One of Gooee’s customers, a leading lighting company wanted to have a service oriented business model. By adopting Gooee’s operating system, the customer could concentrate on their lighting applications and transform their business structure.

Gooee’s team consists of technology, LED, and semiconductor veterans with decades of experience in the lighting industry. Recently Gooee has collaborated with leading IoT cloud platform provider EVRYTHNG to build a global sensory network platform. The combination of Gooee’s energy management technology and EVRYTHNG’s cloud platform can provide new business opportunities for the lighting industry. “Our global sensory network platform will be available for all our customers in March of 2016,” concludes Combes.


San Francisco, CA

Simon Combes, CTO

A machine to machine and IoT company specializing in system integration for the LED lighting value chain.