goTransverse: Internet-Scale Billing and Revenue Automation Platform

James Messer, Co-Founder, President and CEO
A real leader faces the music even when he doesn’t like the tune.” Though decades old, the exquisite quote by the American businessman and humorist, Arnol H. Glasow has proven its value time and again. While the allure of entrepreneurship is strong, few realize that they need to face both good and bad situations to run a business. Such is definitely not the case for James Messer, Co- Founder, President and CEO, of goTransverse. As a thought leader with more than two decades’ experience in enterprise back office platforms, Messer has steered several companies to success and seen crests and troughs in business.

“A band leader and a CEO have much in common. Both have to be innately tuned in to the individuals and the collective team. They need to understand the strengths and weaknesses and each member in the band or company,” explains Messer. Messer brings in the same quality in steering goTransverse, a company that excels at helping innovative organizations automate their subscription and complex usage-based products and services, predicting and forecasting revenue streams, minimizing revenue leakage, and reducing customer churn. The company is unique in offering automated solutions for revenue recognition with the flexibility to support complex revenue recognition rules.

As a leader, Messer believes that people can’t be micromanaged and told what to do; “It is the leader who needs to realize when to step out and let an employee shine,” he adds. He believes in continuously evaluating business strategy in order to stay relevant. “This ensures we are flexible enough to respond to market changes yet disciplined to stay within our agreed strategies,” says Messer.

Innovation begins with people and Messer believes in creating an innovative culture and hiring the industry best people into the team. “At goTransverse, we only hire creative ‘A’ players who have an innate drive to move both the company and themselves forward in innovation and problem solving from day one,” says Messer. This human element is then combined with a significant profit motive. “We are a learning organization where we reinforce positive behaviors and quickly learn from the missteps,” he adds.

The company leverages proven, advanced technology that can parse and process billions of transactions from disparate systems and distill them into billable events quickly. TRACT, goTransverse’s flagship product, is a cloud-based, Internet- Scale Billing and Revenue Automation Platform. It is designed to manage offers, orders, billing, payments, collections, entitlements, revenue assurance, reporting and more. “Our vision for TRACT has always been to take the best parts of highly-complex and massively scalable custom billing systems commonly found in the communications, utility, finance, media and entertainment industries to a boarder market,” states Messer.

“We take the sophistication of these on-premise, multi-year implementations to a cloud deployment at a fraction of the cost,” he adds. Through TRACT, the company offers roles-based access with a complete audit history to account for the person having authorization and making changes. The software delivers a fully auditable, daily revenue recognition history log by using technology to handle mass volumes of data and records them in a native accounts receivable subledger.
With TRACT, goTransverse boasts a system that can meter and rate real-time transactions to enable usage-based billing, tiered, tapered and dynamic charging and pricing. “We believe data being processed is the customer’s data and should be accessible as near real-time as possible. We provide the ability to pull the data into the end customers’ data mart if desired, and also provide detailed reporting, analytics and dash boarding tools within TRACT,” he adds.

Any data being processed should be accessible as near real-time as possible

Operating as a true multi-tenant SaaS platform, goTransverse makes TRACT available within a defined set of service tolerances, known as the “Service Commitment.” “Our customers have access to the goTransverse contact center twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year, via phone, email and the web,” states Messer. The company logs problems according to severity levels (1-4); and each level has a response and resolution workaround time. This allows goTransverse to provide a resolution for every valid incident. “This year we established an executive sponsorship program. The goals are to go beyond the vendor or client relationship and build a strategic partnership in which goTransverse can further propel customers’ growth,” he adds.

For instance, a merchandizing company that ships thousands of orders a day was looking for a way to automate the order-to-cash process and then recognize the revenue upon shipping at scale. Taking control of the situation, goTransverse managed the order, billing and the revenue recognition for the client’s complex merchandizing scenario. GoTransverse’s comprehensive product addressed the challenge and recognized revenue upon end users’ consumption pattern. “We mold business processes and believe that our desire to work with, and not replace, will help companies maximize their finance technology investments of past and future,” states Messer.

Another client of goTransverse, experienced a 300 percent increase in their new line of business in 2014, and is on track to achieve the same in 2015. “The other example is the launch of Starz Play in the Middle East targeting mobile users. They skipped the most natural step of European expansion and went directly to green field opportunities in underserved markets,” claims Messer.

Moving forward, Messer is certain that embracing billing as a strategic and disruptive imperative and automation of billing system will help the finance industry to be future ready. Under Messer’s leadership, goTransverse has reached several heights and achieved many awards. Taking steps towards future, the company aims to extend its existing functionality beyond the mass markets of today. The company also looks for partnerships with existing and new customers to capture the innovative go-to-market strategies into product enhancements. “The business technology ecosystem is growing. Our ability to integrate intelligently and pragmatically with many vendors will continue to be at the forefront of our development,” concludes Messer.


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James Messer, Co-Founder, President and CEO

Provides cloud-based, solution to combine flexible usage-based billing with insightful revenue and audit management.