Gottlieb: Holistic Approach to Healthcare Revenue Management

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Craig Radulovich, President
The rules of reimbursement are gradually changing, but in the healthcare arena, no timeout can be called. Forced to deal with a mixture of fee-for-service and value-based reimbursements, healthcare providers are in a situation where they have “a foot in each canoe.” To put it mildly, it’s a balancing act, and as the healthcare landscape continues to shift toward value-based care, providers are facing an increased sense of urgency to keep revenue flowing and stay in the game. Alongside, the complexity involved in translating fees based on the quality of care is causing major hospitals and private practices to leave uncollected revenue on the table. To address the situation, healthcare providers are seeking the support of experienced partners that have the expertise and state-of-the-art technology to help streamline and improve payment collection and generate the maximum revenue at the point of service.

As a leader in medical revenue cycle management, Florida-based healthcare firm, Gottlieb fits this role perfectly. Gottlieb provides a full range of end-to-end financial management, strategic planning, and other consultative services to help physicians navigate through today’s complex healthcare revenue landscape. Craig Radulovich, president of the company, says, “The ever-changing healthcare regulations combined with evolving revenue cycle management have led to a lot of shifting sands in the industry. We help our clients address these headwinds and ensure that they are justly paid for the services they offer.” Since its inception in 1978, Gottlieb has focused on providing exceptional billing and coding services to emergency medicine and hospitalist practices throughout the U.S. Even today, four decades later, the firm continues to invest in emerging technologies like automation, business intelligence, AI, and machine learning in order to create better, more efficient processes that ultimately drive better results for their clients.

Overcoming the Challenges

Through its comprehensive services, Gottlieb is addressing two main challenges that have long persisted in the healthcare domain: billing and coding, and net revenue. For physicians, who already have a lot on their plate, managing the complex workflow of documenting, coding, billing, and payment receiving functions for the care provided, is arduous and time-consuming. Gottlieb’s white glove approach helps such physicians efficiently manage their entire revenue cycle—from initial billing and coding to accounts receivable and denial management. The firm’s dedicated team works with each physician to identify challenges across their entire practice.
The whole consultation process starts with Gottlieb’s dedicated account manager holding a preliminary discussion with the client to document the pain points. Following this, the team analyzes the data to identify opportunities for improvement. Gottlieb uses its business intelligence platform to turn data into meaningful insights and make better, more informed decisions. “Gottlieb has invested heavily into our data analytics capabilities. With a dedicated team of engineers and data analysts who turn mounds of data into actionable insights, our team consistently delivers improved financial outcomes for new clients,” mentions Radulovich.

Alongside this, the firm offers value-added services for improving practice efficiency, assisting with managed care contracting strategy & negotiations, and helping healthcare providers enroll with Medicare and Medicaid programs. Gottlieb also provides dedicated physician education, where a team of clinicians and certified coding experts carry out online webinars to train physicians, residents, and scribes on appropriate clinical documentation. “Through our holistic services, we aim to alleviate the strain providers feel related to healthcare billing and coding and allow them to focus on serving their patients,” states Radulovich.

Envisioning a Future Rooted in Success

Over the years, Gottlieb has helped healthcare providers improve their payment collection by an average of 10 to 15 percent for every bill. The firm also provides monthly ad-hoc reporting for any nuanced data, insights, or payroll related requirements. “With 40 years in the industry, we understand the dynamics of healthcare policy and legislation. We stay in-the-know and provide ongoing feedback to keep healthcare practices as well as our processes in line with the rules that govern them,” exclaims Radulovich.

Treading ahead, Gottlieb will continue to enhance its core services for emergency medicine and hospitalist practices. Adjacently, the firm is also looking to expand its services into other specialties and markets. On the geographical front, Gottlieb is working on making inroads into additional states in the U.S. and build upon its name and reputation. With the rules of healthcare changing, footing sometimes feels treacherous. But with the right tools and techniques, revenue streams can be made to flow smoothly, helping to facilitate the transition to value-based reimbursements. With its integrated services, Gottlieb is making this process extremely easy for healthcare providers.


Jacksonville, FL

Craig Radulovich, President

Gottlieb is an industry leader in end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management and Practice Optimization solutions for hospital and independent physician groups, specializing in Emergency Medicine and Hospitalist practices. Privately held since 1978, Gottlieb helps their clients navigate the complex healthcare landscape by designing innovative and technology-enables services that simplify and improve the financial experience for healthcare providers and patients