GP MaTe: Integrated Maintenance to Boost Workplace Efficiency

Power plant maintenance is complicated. Floor managers overseeing the maintenance work usually follow a well-thought-out process to ensure asset dependability and reduce production downtime. Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) can greatly simplify complex routines by retaining a record of previous repairs and inspections, providing available data for frequent monitoring, and prioritizing preventative maintenance work.

Technological complexity, however, should not get in the way of this asset and productivity management process. That’s where GP MaTe excels.

“Our team of engineers brings together technical knowledge and industry expertise to offer an integrated maintenance management system that is user-friendly and eases day-to-day maintenance activities,” states James Brenza, president of GP MaTe.

GP MaTe’s convenient-to-use asset, maintenance, and inventory management system allows big power generation firms and manufacturing plants to seamlessly handle the different steps of their maintenance processes.

Its platform is a step away from the conventional solutions in the market, which are mostly an add-on feature for ERP and accounting systems. GP MaTe’s standalone, but integratable, system aims to fill that gap in the industry. The platform modules can be seamlessly installed as apps on either Windows environments, desktops, or portable devices. It is then connected over a secure TCP/IP to a server on the client’s customer’s network, or it can be hosted on the cloud.

The platform stores and keeps track of assets, spare parts, procedures, warranties, and procurement documents in one centralized location, making it easily accessible on demand for making budgets and reports. Its task-oriented user interface further simplifies the process with the navigation of tasks from a single screen. For example, while creating a work order, maintenance managers can easily pull asset history data, review parts availability, and create purchase requisitions without leaving their work order planning screen.
But what really stands out in terms of usability is the way GP MaTe can coalesce multi-plant budgeting, information sharing, operator tours, and process safety modules into one platform, making it unified in its true sense. These base modules can be further clubbed with optional modules, which adds to the platform’s modular approach and makes it a highly-scalable and powerful platform, capable of managing any number of tasks and facilities from a single pane of glass.

Mobility is another integral feature of the platform. Unlike other maintenance management systems, where users have to return to their computers to feed in the data, the GP MaTe platform can be accessed through smartphones and tablets. Users can update data on the spot, without having to return to their desks. Its speech-to-text feature perfectly complements its mobility drive, making data feed actions completely hands-free.

Our team of engineers brings together technical knowledge and industry expertise to offer an integrated maintenance management system that is user-friendly and eases day-to-day maintenance activities

The platform automatically generates alerts and follow-up work actions. It even has a section dedicated to failure feedback so businesses can get thorough details on non-functioning equipment faster. These alerts notify maintenance managers to schedule asset repairs and tune-ups, and allow for planned equipment rotation.

In a recent instance, GP MaTe helped a power generation plant address an issue concerning two gas turbines that were constructed on barges. GP MaTe’s expert engineers designed a preventive maintenance plan that helped the plant automatically and seamlessly review problem reports, initiate work orders, and schedule repairs and tune-ups.

Post pandemic, GP MaTe has helped many power generation businesses, especially those with complex production environments, to streamline their asset maintenance operations. It has been able to bring improved outcomes for all as its offering doesn’t just rest on packaging a bunch of buzzword technologies, but rather on careful and considerate maintenance planning and best practices that is complemented by the right tools.


Ellicott City, MD

James Brenza, President

GP MaTe offers user-friendly maintenance and material management system, that can be configured to handle a single site or a chain of facilities around the globe.GP MaTe caters to big facilities’ needs in the power generation, manufacturing, and process sectors by connecting them with various asset and facility management elements.