Granite Telecom: Effectively Managing Multi-location Enterprise Communications

Rob Hale, Founder and CEO
Ever-expanding technology trends like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Unified Communications have broadened the scope for innovation in the telecom arena. Advanced networking technologies are turning the world into an interconnected digital ecosystem, with organizations increasingly incorporating them into their businesses. The pace of today’s business growth is significantly influenced by how companies adopt advanced technologies. The current telecom landscape is made up of an increasing number of products, providers and networks. The challenge CIOs face is simplifying and making more efficient and cost effective their communications solutions.

Granite Telecommunications, LLC, headquartered just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, has found the answer. Founded in 2002, Granite aggregates voice and data services onto a single platform with flexible network and billing options that meet the needs of companies with geographically dispersed locations. “Granite helps increase the performance levels of organizations while simultaneously reducing costs,” says Rob Hale, Founder and CEO, Granite.

Recently, Granite built and rolled out a state-of-the-art Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network and its associated Granite Grid product. Granite offers coast-to-coast MPLS availability and each customer’s solution is designed to ensure a secure failover and reliability. The company’s MPLS access speeds range from 1.5 Mbps T1 services to 10Gbps fiber services. Meanwhile, Granite Grid builds on and enhances the standard model of unifying a multi-location company’s communications into one comprehensive solution across locations, services, and regions. “With our Granite Grid offering, we install a fiber-based network at a particular location—for example, a shopping mall—and then deploy a 1 Gbps or greater connection,” says Hale. Once Granite Grid is implemented, adding new services or bumping up data plans can be cost-effectively handled within hours, not days or weeks. This helps retail customers especially deal with seasonal traffic demands as well as providing the bandwidth they need to improve the customer experience for shoppers.

Additionally, Granite’s Velocity Product Suite provides a complete advanced communications solution package.
The Suite includes Voice over IP (VoIP) services (both Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX); internet products including broadband and dedicated internet access (DIA) and Ethernet; and Granite’s proprietary MPLS product offerings. Moreover, Granite offers managed Wi-Fi, structured cabling, and security services and continues to offer Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) – local and long-distance voice services over copper lines.

With Granite, businesses can receive their telecom package from a single source along with a consolidated bill. By aggregating services with Granite, customers receive a dedicated Premier Account Manager, who is the single point of contact for all of their accounting needs.

Granite helps increase the performance levels of organizations while simultaneously reducing costs

Companies across a variety of industries have benefitted from adopting Granite’s solutions into their environment, and Granite’s current customer base includes more than 85 of the Fortune 100. On one occasion, Granite provided a consolidated communication solution to one of the world’s largest financial institutions to convert nearly 50,000 POTS lines to Granite’s platform. “After the migration, we analyzed the lines and found we could disconnect over 3,600 lines and produce monthly savings of almost $162,000 in addition to identifying and eliminating unused features, saving another $250,000 per month,” says Hale.

For the road ahead, Granite has plans to continue its unabated growth, providing solutions to help customers continue their own growth trajectories. The company is constantly building and improving its state-of-the-art proprietary MPLS network, VoIP and wireless offerings, as well as the Network Integration Group that can accommodate the entire solution. “Granite’s customers want innovative solutions and we will be there to provide those solutions going forward,” Hale concludes.

Granite Telecom

Quincy, MA

Rob Hale, Founder and CEO

Granite provides consolidated communications solutions on a unified platform