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Professor Michael F. Ashby, Founder
In the engineering industry, material data is often insufficient, inaccurate, and scattered, which leads to companies spending millions of dollars on hunting for information. This data is crucial in addressing key concerns revolving around product performance, cost, manufacturing designs, business risks, and environmental impact. The bottom line here is that materials decision should be exhaustive, repeatable, and auditable. Achieving this would require two key aspects: materials data and systematic materials selection methods. Granta Design is a material information technology company that helps engineering companies manage and utilize information about their materials. Granta Design is the largest team and R&D effort dedicated to the topic of materials information technology, with an unrivaled experience of implementing materials information solutions, from hundreds of industry projects and works with over a thousand universities.

The two main e-platforms of Granta Design are Granta MI and CES Selector 2019. Granta MI captures material information in one place, manages it accurately, shares when required, and applies it in materials engineering and product development. The data gathered throughout the product lifecycle management (PLM) is reused for analysis and expertise development of the company. It has access control features that allow the user to set limitations on the usage of restricted or unauthorized materials. Granta MI provides information about the composition, numerical properties, and graphs of temperature-dependent behavior, backed up by links of tests done on the material. It helps in compliant production as it is updated regularly with the latest regulatory systems and its changes. Granta MI avoids wastage by eradicating duplicate testing and making the right material choices. It supports third-party engineering software such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). The company’s strategic partnership with Dassault Systèmes supports the integration of between GRANTA MI and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

CES Selector is the material-related decision-making software with systematic rational materials selection methodology developed by Professor Michael F. Ashby, the founder of Granta Design, at the University of Cambridge.

The 2016 edition of the CES EduPack is easier to use and more powerful than ever

It comprises quick and easy tools for the identification of materials with similar properties to a reference material and making material substitutions. This is done with the aid of a dataset that is embedded at the heart of the CES Selector called the “Material Universe.” It consists of a complete class of specialist data about materials such as metals, plastics, composites, ceramic, and more. Production engineers can access their CAD or CAE projects through this platform and run simulations to understand the production design better. Together, Granta MI and CES Selector can be applicable in industries such as aerospace, healthcare, simulation, additive manufacturing, and more.

Granta Design has its very own education hub for aspiring material information technology engineers and teachers, called the CES EduPack. For teachers, it provides over 350 resources, including case studies, exercises, active teaching packages, visual software, to support students all the way from the introductory level through to the advanced design projects. For students, Granta Design has self-tutorial videos, interactive tools, quizzes, case studies, and downloadable charts, formulated by an experienced team of professors and pioneers of material information technology. “The 2016 edition of the CES EduPack is easier to use and more powerful than ever. We have the academic community to thank for this,” says Professor Ashby.

Collaboration is the DNA of what Granta Design does through its dynamic R&D team and their association with the Global Materials Education Symposia. Some of its clients to boast about are pioneers such as Airbus, NASA, and MIT.

Granta Design

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Professor Michael F. Ashby, Founder

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