Gravitant: Cloud Service Brokerage Platform For Strategic Cloud Optimization

Mohammed Farooq, Chairman & CEO
Founded in 2005, Gravitant provides a cloud services brokerage and management platform to make public and private clouds easy to consume and, simple to govern. It enables enterprises for easy management of cloud computing resources in order to optimize cloud consumption across hybrid clouds. "The U.S. government made a 'Cloud First' mandate in 2011, but its actual implementation has been really been slow due to lack of skills, guidance,tools and security. Thus, the on-demand functionalities of cloud computing doesn't include the controls needed to assure usage of right resources at the right time and cost. Gravitant's Just-in-Time IT strategy solves this problem with real time governance controls and automated adjustment to resource utilization," says Mohammed Farooq, Chariman and CEO.

Gravitant's cloudMatrix platform empowers enterprise IT to overcome the complexities and risks of cloud services across multiple providers by delivering a complete IT-as-a-service solution. It enables government IT organizations to select the best cloud service for their needs, choose the best solutions for cloud, procure it within full policy compliance and, optimize taxpayer funds by governing the applications with full cost transparency.

For example, many state agencies in Texas were in search of a cloud-based solution that could take control of their virtual resources, integrate with existing technologies and aggregate services from multiple providers, to deliver an improved resource management across their system. Gravitant's cloud Matrix technology offered Texas the ability to set up a powerful and dynamic web-based cloud brokerage portal for government agencies to plan, procure, and manage IT services across providers.
Thus it maximized their opportunity to leverage cloud computing for improving government efficiency. As a result, the successful project led them to roll out the portal to over 200 agencies in the state.

Clearly, there is a need for these intermediate cloud service broker platforms to aggregate, integrate and customize cloud services, to help simplify consumers’ cloud based transactions such as payments, governance, application placement and customization. "With cloudMatrix CSB platform, IT costs have been slashed by up to 50 percent resulting in an improved time-to-value from months to minutes. Gravitant has helped reduce risk for CIOs by using sophisticated analytics to help users with practical decision support and real cost savings. Hence, it can be white-labeled by systems integrators and service providers," explains Farooq.

Gravitant's main mission is to make government agencies meet their ever increasing technological demands in an environment of uncertain IT budgets.

The company sees a lot of traction amongst State and Federal government agencies who are seeking for tools to help them get the most out of cloud computing. Gravitant customers include General Dynamics, the State of Texas, NJVC and the General Services Agency (GSA) which recently selected Gravitant platform as one of the key technologies to be evaluated as part of its pilot study on cloud brokerages.

Looking ahead, Gravitant will continue to enhance its platform by adding more cloud ecosystem, partners as well as Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) brokerage capabilities.


Austin, TX

Mohammed Farooq, Chairman & CEO

Gravitant is an enterprise cloud broker and management platform, enabling customers to select the optimum cloud services.