Gray Matters: Leveraging Unchallenged Expertise to Provide High Availiabity IT Solutions

Barbara A. Gray, President & CEO
The IT market of today is being affected by the gradual shrinkage in the economy; forcing numerous companies to reduce their spending, and work with constrained budgets. Inadequate knowledge, another big challenge, is also leading to problems that hinder new ventures. “Even with the growing popularity of virtualization and cloud computing that can solve these problems, many customers don’t understand the benefits,” points out Barbara A. Gray, President and CEO of Gray Matters Technology Services (GMTS). “Customers feel that data is not secure; and is vulnerable to intrusion. They don’t understand how to retrieve critical information via most Cloud solutions,” she adds.

Headquartered in Bowie Maryland, with an office in Arlington, Virginia, Gray Matters Technology Services provides IT solutions that span software and database development, Network Design/O&M Helpdesk 16x5 Support, database architecture and administration. The company’s team of certified network and software engineers provides an array of cost efficient solutions that are more geared towards future technology insertion, and long term benefits verses short term leading edge technology mistakes. The specialized expertise in Government off-the Shelf (GOTS) enhancements, software design, and high availability network solutions enables Gray Matters to develop successful techniques for developing, testing, and deploying systems on a rapid and systematic basis using ITLL, and Capability Maturity Model Integrated Level 3 repeatable processes.

Some of the services that GMTS provides to its clients are business requirements analysis, gap and capacity planning, software and enterprise database development, helpdesk, network redesign, and operations maintenance.
It also supports Microsoft exchange architecture, design, replication, database architecture, business analytics, software architecture, and enterprise modernization efforts. GMTS’s unique experience of providing technology solutions, both at the government and private level for more than 15 years, has helped them sharpen their solutions, and build workarounds for more programmatic service delivery clients; “It also helps us to assist our customers to plan IT budgets that will remove old technology slowly, while using more advanced techniques to service the problem areas, using proven and more focused engineering solutions,” says Barbara. The company has an array of certified and advanced degree employees, tasked with managing complex technical deployments. GMTS leverages this power to further assist its customers with current environment concerns; while in some cases, building new enterprise Storage Area Network (SAN), Exchange replication, and Private Key Encryption and Managed Cloud Solutions. The company serves various clients like the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, U.S. Department of State, SIO-IRM Department; U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Services, Harvard Maintenance, Inc. Kean Reasoning, LLC. Among numerous success stories linked to Gray Matter’s products is one involving the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs. GMTS performs heavy software engineering and managed to develop a proprietary framework using The customer is able to use that framework in various cross enterprise solutions—both Microsoft and Oracle.

GMTS has recently become a cloud solutions provider and the company hopes to further grow through providing highly secure virtualization and advanced cloud solutions to its existing and new clients. “We will continue to build on our ability to understand and implement technology using Software and Systems Life Cycle, ITIL,SCRUM, and Agile methodology.

Gray Matters Technology Services

Maryland, VA

Barbara A. Gray, President & CEO

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