Graybar Electric Company: Eternal Values And Lasting Innovation

Kathleen M. Mazzarella, Chairman, President & CEO
Graybar, a Fortune 500 company, founded in 1869 and headquartered in Clayton, MO, specializes in supply chain management services and is a leading North American distributor of high-quality components,equipment and materials for a number of industries.

Through its distribution network and value-added services, including kitting and integrated solutions, Graybar is helping its customers to power and network their facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency. As one of North America's largest employeeowned companies, Graybar has the power and stability of a big company coupled with the integrity and drive of a neighborhood business.

Graybar helps customers handle their materials and inventory more efficiently and boosts the competence by managing orders, monitoring project status and streamlining processes. As a technology leader, Graybar is enriched with e-commerce capabilities that integrate with customers’ procurement systems and give anytime, anywhere access to serious information.

As building systems become cleverer, integrated and multifaceted, the companies will be looking for a distributor that understands these systems and offers the solutions to make them work. Graybar offers a wide range of solutions for intelligent, energy efficient buildings. Facility Maintenance, Energy Solutions, Intelligent Buildings, and Data Centers, Intelligent Transportation Systems are some of the high flying solutions of the firm.

The firm helps to surpass the challenge of improving operational efficiencies and procuring more material with its facility maintenance. Graybar PowerSmart, a single source for energy management solutions, of the firm diminishes cost, makes better efficiency and enhances productivity. It helps to build an energy management strategy. Graybar powers, networks and secures data centers with speed, intelligence and efficiency. The firm is a vital link in the supply chain providing electrical, communication, security, lighting, cooling, and automation and services solutions for the data center.

Our strategic market plans teams up effectively at all levels

The company serves Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)/Roadwaywith a number of products and services.

The firm’s specialized technical resources can help to assess, plan and develop solutions and Graybar Financial Services (GFS), which is the equipment-financing subsidiary of Graybar specializes in providing competitive, value-added financing solutions to commercial and government customers are interested in acquiring equipment and services. With the SupplyPro point-of-use dispensing solutions, the customer can enjoy savings, productivity gains, continued process improvement, reduce waste, carefree material management and get an immediate return on investment.

The company covers a variety of industries including construction, commercial, industrial and utility. The company helps to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability in new construction. Graybar, which give focus to healthcare and education, supplies the commercial industry with products for healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and financial services. With the knowledgeable employees and extensive service capabilities, Graybar assists to increase productivity, upgrade andsecure facilities and equipment, lower energy costs, streamline processes and is the vital link in the supply chain serving service providers, broadband utilities, electric utilities and wireless customers. The firm serves the purchasing needs of government agencies at the federal, state and local/municipal levels.

With the proven experience for more than 140 years, Graybar’s success is driven by the success of their customers and manufacturers. The company listens to the requisites of the clients, connects to the right solution, and lends a hand to them to leave a bequest in the history.

Graybar Electric Company

Clayton, MO

Kathleen M. Mazzarella, Chairman, President & CEO

Distributor of electrical, telecommunication and data networking products and provider of related supply chain management and logistics services