Graydient Creative: Igniting Creativity in Digital Signs

Peter Engel, Co-founder and Managing Director
While using print pieces to exhibit the information on 200 fallen heroes of war on their altruistic deeds, SafeHouse Restaurant understood how hard it was to update the information on a single plaque. On the quest to find an easy solution, they approached Graydient Creative, which brings forth flexible digital solutions that breathe life into signs with interactive content and mobile applications to create a personalized user experience. Graydient Creative was able to create a rotating and interactive digital sign showcasing as many as 30 pictures at a time. Patrons or visitors can click on a name and receive a deluge of information as well as pictures of the fallen heroes. This empowered the client with easy update strategy, attractive outlook, and reduced print cost.

Elaborating on the market situation Peter Engel, co-founder and Managing Director of Gradient Creative explains, “A lot of vendors found the vision of live signs having potential but most of them were only able to provide hardware for the signboards and are unable to help with the content need."

Graydient Creative designs and develops mobile applications that can be integrated with interactive maps and content on the digital signs. This essentially creates a friendlier and satisfactory experience for the customers as they are alerted about content changes on their phones. Graydient Creative has introduced a mobile application solution that allows the users to take a selfie and share it with a specific hashtag. Post this, the digital signs created by Graydient Creative extract the metadata under the tag name to create trending content. Moreover, the company uses data from various systems to create a concise view of an event.

With an experience of over a decade, the team at Graydient Creative has developed numerous rotating, interactive, and artistically attractive signs that are being used by various businesses as a part of their marketing strategy. Graydient Creative has enabled social media integration with their interactive signs to enable updates in the client’s social profiles. Additionally, the client can integrate drone videos on their interactive map signs to provide an imaginative and creative idea of locations.
Shawn Spartz, Director of Creative and Development
Having been born out of an internal IT team, the programmers and designers of Graydient Creative have deep knowledge of digital marketing and work towards improving customer experience. The team understands the position of a client or guest within the market and creates a content strategy that helps to optimize the client’s business ventures.

We create a holistic approach and strategy for customers and educate them about the final solution so that they can carry on even after we disengage

The creative and ingenious brains of Graydient Creative have won numerous accolades and are the recent recipient of Horizon Interactive Awards’ Best Agency Runner-Up. “We understand the market and marketing needs. We create a holistic approach and strategy for customers and educate them about the final solution so that they can carry on even after we disengage,” says Shawn Spartz, Director of Creative and Development of Graydient Creative.

On the voyage to reach the company’s full potential, Engel explains that they are in the midst of business focus change. Along with the strong software development team, the company is going to move on from project to project basis and open its doors to a wide range of customers. They are developing and enabling their sign models to be applied to varied uses and businesses. Additionally, Graydient Creative is researching the implementation of iBeacon technology into their suite of solutions to bring forth a personalized sign for customers. “iBeacons will open more doors and increase sign potential. With it the signage devices can directly interact with the customer’s smartphone and provide relevant content accordingly, creating a better customer experience,” concludes Shawn.

Graydient Creative

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Peter Engel, Co-founder and Managing Director and Shawn Spartz, Director of Creative and Development

Provides a flexible digital signage solution and innovative interactive content to enhance the customer experience

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