Green Network Exchange: Driving Efficient E-Waste Disposal

David A. Williams, President / CEO
Steady socioeconomic development and technological advancement led to the invention of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), such as televisions, PCs, and mobile phones—tools that have made our lives easier and more entertaining. However, these products quickly become obsolete, creating electronic waste (e-waste). Its hazardous chemicals present a significant global challenge and require highly technical and expensive recycling processes.

A leader in green technology, Green Network Exchange recognizes the inherent value of these materials and processes them to be reused, refurbished or recycled, minimizing the e-waste load on landfills.

Green Network Exchange was established with the aim of helping the environment and creating a sustainable process to manage e-waste efficiently. Servicing all of New England and New York, it is one of the largest electronic waste recycling companies, servicing over forty property management firms and more than 2,000 clients.

As a specialist in their field, Green Network Exchange ensures that it caters to the constantly evolving needs of the modern enterprise. For instance, when new equipment versions are launched, businesses quickly upgrade their systems to improve operations. Old equipment accumulates, and organizations find themselves without the necessary resources and infrastructure to dispose of this e-waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Working with its clients to understand their requirements enables Green Network Exchange to help them determine the best course of action to manage their e-waste. They collaborate with onsite IT personnel to organize and track all assets, determine values, provide an estimate of the project’s cost, and chart the best recycling or refurbishing options. All of the electronic waste is put through a functional test, and if it can be used again, it is repaired and put out onto the secondary market for either reuse or sale as refurbished equipment.

Through all interactions with clients, Green Network Exchange fosters a professional approach. They issue certification of hard drive destruction and inventory intake reports for the recycling of obsolete electronics and systems.
“Our mission is to be customer-centric and provide complete electronic waste services to meet the needs of our clients.” “We provide recycling, asset-tracking, destruction, and salvaging of e-waste material with a goal to maintain a green environment,” says David A. Williams, President/CEO, Green Network Exchange.

Since 2009, Green Network Exchange has been a reliable agent for property managers of office buildings like Boston Properties, CBRE, Lincoln Property Company, and their tenants, for the recycling of used and retired electronic equipment in a safe and efficient manner. They provide corporations with scheduled recycling and electronic waste collection events, and pickups at their convenience.

Our mission is to be customer-centric and provide complete services for all electronic waste requirements. We provide recycling, asset-tracking, destruction, and salvaging of e-waste material with a goal to maintain a green environment

“If the material happens to be high-end equipment, we can provide an assessment for the value of the inventory and make arrangements to purchase the equipment. This is an excellent method to help recover and offset costs from fully depreciated assets,” says Williams.

Other than large corporations, Green Network Exchange works with schools, small businesses, industrial parks, municipalities, and non-profit organizations and sponsors events and collections across cities and towns.

In the current climate, sustainability is being prioritized for all development activities by integrating social, economic, environmental, and technological perspectives. By commoditizing electronic waste, Green Network Exchange helps protect the environment, create jobs, and save energy.

Green Network Exchange

Woburn, MA

David A. Williams, President / CEO

Green Network Exchange is a green technology company that has become one of the foremost and largest electronics waste recycling companies servicing all of New England and New York for over thirty property management firms and more than 2000 clients

Green Network Exchange