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Jon Berry, President, and Owner
Usually, small or mid-sized organizations with fewer employees lack the in-house IT staff to manage their server assets independently. However, Virginia-based Green Olive Tree, a server management company, serves as a managed service provider focused on managed hosting. The company offloads various server administration and backend processes for any organization that has a web-based presence. “No matter how many servers you have, we monitor them 24x7,” states Jon Berry, president, and owner of Green Olive Tree. The company performs patch management for all system platforms, firewall administration, and infrastructure security. They perform all system administration requirements such as setting up database servers, web servers, email servers, or remote desktop work environments for employees. The firm has extensive expertise in handling all the backend services for companies needing or enhancing their in-house IT capabilities.

Green Olive Tree has over 250 clients and supervises over 500 servers on a day-to-day basis. In a typical onboarding scenario, clients struggling to manage their solutions efficiently approach Green Olive Tree to help them overcome their challenges. With a proactive approach, the firm understands a client’s pain points, analyzes their servers, and takes immediate steps to resolve them. Instead of raising support tickets, the firm maintains a close relationship with clients and openly communicates with them to handle concerns rather than handing over cases to offshore technicians. Green Olive Tree has an intricate monitoring system that helps view a server profile at any time and under any server load condition.

In today’s digital era, most enterprises have transitioned from on-premise servers to the cloud. But, regardless of the type of server an organization uses, there is a constant need for monitoring, updating, and patching. Green Olive Tree has invested substantially into the research of cloud technology and works with industry giants such as IBM, AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. The firm designs, implements, and manages solutions for its clients. The firm supports complete remote management and has rolled out several remote workspaces for companies during the pandemic. Unlike other firms that usually stick with either Linux or Windows servers, Green Olive Tree handles both and predominantly focuses on internet-connected devices.

We always stay on the leading edge of where technology is and where it is headed

Green Olive Tree has created a niche in the market through its accessibility and response time in resolving issues. Displaying a level of competence and skill seldom seen in the industry, it takes less than fifteen minutes for a technician to solve a client’s problems satisfactorily. Other key players in the market hire external staff or offshore their tier one support levels, resulting in different technicians communicating with one client over separate raised tickets. But Green Olive Tree believes in maintaining a personal relationship with its customers and ensures that a client speaks with the same technician who has handled their previous concerns in the past. The client does not have to describe their issues from ground zero, which in turn results in quick resolution times.

For instance, a software as a service provider had a hosted SaaS project, and they were selling a web application deployed on one server. The server performance was not up to the mark, and the client was having a hard time expanding and growing their customer base. They approached Green Olive Tree, and the team implemented a multi-server strategy where the client had a shared file structure base that could be shared amongst a hundred servers. Since the project’s completion a decade ago, the client is running 40 servers for a very successful SaaS application. The client has continued its growth through Green Olive Tree’s assistance in designing its structure to accommodate a massively distributed SaaS application.

Green Olive Tree constantly evaluates potential solutions, implements new technologies, and proactively offers them to its clients. “We always stay on the leading edge of where technology is and where it is headed,” adds Berry. From a growth standpoint, this strategy has helped the firm gain referrals since its inception, and with very little staff, the firm has managed many servers while providing personalized assistance to all of its clients. “I thank our monitoring system for our ability to provide exceptional service uptime as it is very adept in predicting and detecting problems,” states Berry. Soon, Green Olive Tree aims to significantly expand and augment its workforce with skilled personnel and acquire a more extensive clientele.

Green Olive Tree

Chesapeake, Virginia

Jon Berry, President, and Owner

Green Olive Tree is, at its core, a Managed Hosting provider. The company has built its expertise around server management and Managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hosting solutions for every company that needs an Internet presence

Green Olive Tree