Greenlet Technologies:Scalable Energy Control Systems For Electric Utilities

Avner Cohen, Founder
Curtailing energy consumption at peak periods helps utility provider’s lower overall plant and capital cost requirements by avoiding the need to build new power plants. The twin critical energy components for a sustainable future, Demand Response and Energy Efficiency, is all about using less power on a continuous basis in response to supply conditions. Greenlet Technologies, a dynamic smart grid company offers a low-cost and highly effective solution to both "Demand Response" and "Energy Efficiency". Based on self-deployment, the system includes management software for utilities and service companies, and includes end-point units and web portals for institutional and residential consumers.

Greenlet leverages proprietary IT, communications, algorithms and power electronics to create a truly scalable end to end energy control solution. As the patent pending technology does not require professional installation,‘Greenlet’ units can be distributed directly to the consumers who simply need to plug the units into their electrical outlets. The central software application then takes over, providing the electric utility providers with the control they need to manage and optimize power use.

The energy management software for control centers, allows management of very large network of customers and appliances, reduction of lot of power during peak hours, proves reduction, receives rebates from utilities and shares revenues with customers.

Utility grade plug & play Greenlet kits, sold or sent to customers can be self installed easily in less than 5 minutes, per home. The kits include the “Greenlets” – smart plugs capable of monitoring and controlling appliances for peak reduction and overall energy saving.

The Greenlet unit controls demand, monitors power and energy and allows the control center to prove reduction in order to receive the rebate. A gateway unit easily connects the Greenlets to the management software through the Internet.
Once the customer connects the Greenlet units to power, the gateway unit automatically registers on the main servers, and begins controlling and monitoring appliances following commands received from the management system and the consumer portal. This enables the consumer to gain awareness of their power consumption habits, promoting additional savings.

Greenlet’s patented technology utilizes each appliances unique electrical signature and provides verification as to whether the managed appliances are continuously connected to the Greenlets. If the appliance is unplugged or replaced the patented technology would senseit and notify the control system. The server automatically recognizes the type of appliance and categorizes it into one of Greenlet’s programs. Each program is specifically designed for a certain family of appliances. The pattern recognition algorithms save the need to ask consumers about the appliances connected and make deployment easier and simpler.

Savings on electricity bills are achieved through a combination of incentive payments by utilities, participation in lower rates structures and an overall reduction in energy consumption. Key benefits for utilities and aggregators are reduced capital expenditure and operating expenses.Environmentalbenefits abound by lowering carbon dioxide and other emissions.

Greenlet is about simplicity in providing power companies a cost effective and scalable process of controlling and monitoring power consumption of a million users.

The pattern recognition algorithms save the need to ask consumers about the appliances connected and make deployment easier and simpler

Greenlet Technologies


Avner Cohen, Founder

Greenlet Technologies offers energy control solutions requiring no professional installation.

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