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Our reliance on IoT devices has grown exponentially over time, given its ability to change the way we live and work. Reports reveal that this specific market segment will reach a value of USD 1,386.06 billion by 2026 from USD 761.4 billion in 2020 at a CAGR of 10.53 percent. Such incremental growth will subsequently open new avenues for IoT device manufacturers—especially in the field of smart buildings and building retrofit.

IoT devices promise to support facility management efforts as well as ensure optimal usage of building spaces, energy efficiency, and building sustainability. Yet, to achieve these outcomes, device manufacturers and installers need to overcome one persistent hurdle, the deployment of IoT devices in such environments. It has historically been a complicated, manual, and time-consuming process with no standard protocol.

The commissioning process entails an extensive list of tasks, including device deployment, hardware installation, networking, programming, and testing, all of which is ideally performed by multiple teams and at various stages of the smart building deployment process. Needless to say, communication and transparency are critical throughout this process. As smart building projects involve the deployment of a multitude of addressable devices, precise install and documentation procedures become imperative. Furthermore, the integration gap between device manufacturers and device installers adds to the already cumbersome process.

This is where GreenLight IoT steps in. Since 2016, they have partnered with some of the world’s largest device manufacturers, independent software vendors, system integrators, and ESCOs to deploy IoT projects cost-effectively, at scale, and with less friction. The company’s Advanced Provisioning Platform streamlines the commissioning process while allowing device connectivity with any control system, network, or gateway. “We are setting industry standards for IoT deployment in smart buildings with our patented cloud-based Advanced Provisioning Platform (APP). The APP offers our clients critical site data in the form of digital as-built documentation, it also enables project stakeholders’ access to real time project metrics, punch list items and catalogs the process in a way that has never been possible before. Clients can also customize the APP for various business applications,” says Nausheen Ali, Head of Marketing at GreenLight IoT.

GreenLight IoT has also designed a mobile application, called the GLS device scanner app, allowing seamless communication between project stakeholders and on-site install teams enabling remote commissioning of smart buildings, which was not possible before. “The GreenLight IoT technology makes it, so that project installation and commissioning can be done simultaneously, the mobile app allows two-way communication, so a commissioning tech has insight into each project without having to be on site.

We are setting industry standards for IoT deployment in smart buildings with our patented cloud-based platform

Our clients love this, it saves them so much time and money.” Nausheen mentions.

The Advanced Provisioning Platform and the device scanner app have proven to be effective for numerous Fortune 50 building owners and facility managers.“Effective utilization of building space has become a prerequisite and building owners and facility managers need this information if they want a smart building network that can scale and adjust to their unique business needs. One such business need is occupancy and building disinfecting data, this is a solution which we have been able to offer to our clients, this allows them to adhere topost-pandemic guidelines without an exorbitant increase in cost” Nausheen adds.

One such solution is the one GreenLight IoT is currently working on with Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)—one of the largest commercial real estate services companies in the U.S. that allows businesses across the globe to deploy smart building technology strategies. For this project, GreenLight IoT designed a Disinfection Application allowing JLL the ability to identify when any open space area was used by a worker and thereby requiring disinfection. The Disinfection Application enhanced overall building performance by enabling JLL to have access to critical building insights and to move from a schedule-based cleaning protocol to a demand based cleaning protocol, allowing them to meet disinfection guidelines for their buildings and utilize their smart building network in the most effective way possible.

With such instances of client success, GreenLight IoT is currently working on projects across ten countries in North America, Latin America, and Europe. GreenLight IoT is continuing to enhance the capability of its platform like integrations with device manufacturers and a Procore integration that is scheduled for release in mid-2021.In the coming years, GreenLight IoT will continue to partner with device manufacturers and facility managers to make smart building commissioning more seamless and cost effective. “We like to say that we have no competitors, only partners. Our aim is to support clients at every stage and step of the commissioning process. If a client works with our commissioning technology, they never revert to the old method of commissioning. This is the trust that we have been able to create over the years and we are proud of it,” Nausheen concludes.

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Nausheen Ali, Head of Marketing

Since 2016, the company is helping world’s largest device manufacturers, independent software vendors, system integrators, and ESCOs deploy their IoT projects