Grid Dynamics: Providing an Open, Scalable, Next-Generation Commerce Technology Solutions for Tier 1

CIO VendorVictoria Livchitz, Founder & Executive Chairman
Technology is playing an eminent role in materializing success forretail enterprises. This upsurge of latest technologies has made off the shelf solutions obsolete, as they fail to provide the requisite competitiveedge to firms. Given the advancements, it has become mandatory to enable seamless integration across different aspects of enterprises. With increased access to technology, customer’s expectations have skyrocketed. However, many retailers are unable to maintain a steady progressto prevail on top of software changes and to incorporate emerging technological tools required to thrive. The ultimate goal is to provide superior shopping experience to customers. Among the options that are available currently, many retailers find seamless cross-channel integration as the best tool to guarantee successful customer experience. The benefits of seamless cross-channel experience include increase in transaction size by about thirty-five percent, increase in online conversion rateby about forty-five percent, reduction in inventory loss that can be as high as sixty percent and improved customer service, according to a survey by IDC. Trying to effectively leverage the benefits of cross-channel experience to assist companies in surviving the market is Menlo Park headquartered Grid Dynamics, a provider of open, scalable, next-generation commerce technology solutions for retail companies.
Grid Dynamics, led by Victoria Livschitz, founder and executive chairman of the board is ahighly unique eCommerce technology solutions firm with big ideas on building advanced custom technology platforms for large-scale eCommerce operations. Grid Dynamics has in-depth expertise in commerce technologies and high-level involvement in the open source community. Says Livschitz, “We put this technical know-how to work towards helping clients provide the best customer experience. We are a partner from beginning to end which means we have long term relationships as we add value throughout the whole project”.

Countering Challenges with Innovative Solutions

Grid Dynamics ensures competitive advantage through Omni channel Integration by removing the silos between brick and mortar and the online experience as well as employing expertise in commercial and customer solutions across all form factors. Another advantage that clients of Grid Dynamics are assured of is customer-centricity through Search and Personalization with customer search solutions that are tailored for eCommerce and personalization services to enhance relationship with customers. Agility is always maintained through continuous delivery allowing retailers to scale development while improving product quality and increasing reliability.

With its commendable solutions and services, Grid Dynamics has formed a remarkable client base which includes eBay, Yahoo, Raley’s, Kohl’s, Macys, X.commerce, Microsoft and PayPal. The company secured a funding of $5 million from VTB Capital.

Grid Dynamics

Victoria Livchitz, Founder & Executive Chairman

An e-commerce technology solutions company with focus on developing advanced technology platforms suitable for largescale e-commerce operations

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