GridPoint: Big Data Analytics for a Greener Planet

Todd Raba, President and CEO
About five million buildings and industrial sites spend nearly $200 billion a year on energy; and ENERGY STAR–a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program–estimates that about 30 percent of this energy is either wasted or used inefficiently. GridPoint is lowering this energy waste by helping businesses transform into energy conscious enterprises using data analysis in real-time. The company collects more than 100 million data points every day, which is continuously processed and analyzed, empowering numerous tier 1 organizations to take control of energy usage. Their ability to leverage technologies like the Internet of Things; cloud computing; low-cost, wireless asset-level energy and environmental monitoring and advanced Big Data analytics has resulted in significant economic and environmental benefits for their customers.

Todd Raba, President and CEO of GridPoint, links Big Data analytics to a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle; when the billions of Big Data points that arrive completely unstructured are organized, it comes together to form a powerful and insightful picture. “The main difference is that a puzzle, while beautiful, contains a set number of pieces with a clear goal in mind whereas Big Data is constantly growing and providing deeper visibility for the user,” adds Raba. GridPoint offers numerous products that impact the Big Data space every day. Their MM1204-EX submeter module is a powerful piece of hardware that collects equipment-level energy data by monitoring up to 24 circuits.

We empower energy conscious enterprises to take control of their energy usage

When this submetering is used in conjunction with their cloud-based analytics software platform–GridPoint Energy Manager–end-users can accurately follow their energy trail on a very granular level in real-time across their entire enterprise. GridPoint leverages its stateof- the-art technology to meter energy-consuming assets, monitor environmental conditions and aggregate multi-site data into a centralized, cloud-based platform. This provides customers with advanced analytics that empower them to make efficient decisions with regards to their enterprise-wide energy consumption and carbon reduction. They also have a growing list of patents that cover the various aspects of energy management including its advanced submetering and control hardware, energy control algorithms and analytical tools such as smart alarms, project tracking and more.

A large government agency in an attempt to make a positive impact on the environment, created an energy and sustainability program, which included the use of alternative fuel-capable vehicles and solar panels to reduce energy consumption. Utilizing GridPoint’s data-driven approach to energy management, the agency was able to measure the energy consumed by rooftop HVAC units, control lighting across multiple zones, and detect equipment issues immediately and remotely. The GridPoint Energy Management System (EMS) decreased the agency’s energy consumption by about 15 percent at all the facilities, with some sites seeing a drop of nearly 30 percent.GridPoint has quite a few exciting plans and goals in the pipeline for the next few years. Raba expects a steady uptake in the enterprise clean tech market as the awareness of savings and payback spreads. “Granular level monitoring and cloud based platforms are becoming more prevalent and are quickly outperforming current approaches to energy management. It won’t be long before energy consciousness is a common standard for businesses,” says Raba. GridPoint is more than well positioned to combat the energy consumption issues of tomorrow.


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Todd Raba, President and CEO

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