Gridstore: Seamless Software-Defined Storage Solutions for Performance Starved Virtual Environments

George Symons, CEO
Virtualization has certainly attracted attention due to its consolidation and management experience from a single interface. This is coupled with an ability to use storage in a virtual way just as the servers are virtualized. On the contrary, raditional storage systems have come up short when it comes to high-performance applications serving virtual environments. Incompatibility is cocooned as a product of traditional systems staring at blended I/O streams with the end result of hurting the application performance in virtual environments. The need is now set to build a storage system that is scalable and capable of delivering high performance in virtual environments and that is where Mountain View headquartered Gridstore comes in.

Founded in 2009, the company’s purpose built software-defined storage is speeding up application performance in virtual nvironments as it provides a network based scaleout storage solution allowing users to pay as they scale, ranging from 12 terabytes to three petabytes for Windows and Hyper-V markets.

Advantage, Gridstore George Symons, CEO of Gridstore emphasizes the challenges that customers face to run applications on virtual machines. “The challenge ahead of the IT sector now is to deliver the necessary application performance,as applications on virtual machines do not approximate their performance when on stand-alone servers”. Gridstore’s grid architecture combined with their patented Server-Side Virtual Controller (SVCT) addresses this pain point as it automatically optimizes the performance of each virtual machine thereby delivering dramatically increased application performance.particular virtual machine and the specific I/O patterns coming from each application to automatically optimize the controller settings. TrueQoS(Quality of service) allows the most important applications to get the storage bandwidth and IOPS they need for optimal performance while not letting less mportant applications slow them down. Through its process for eliminating the I/O blender effect, where virtual machines sending requests from different applications merge in the hypervisor, SVCT helps in streamlining the previously random requests.

Additionally the system improves performance as the virtual controller tracks requests to know the source from a

Gridstore holds a distinct advantage in the market as they believe their price is market leading for the performance and calability needed in a virtual environment. The company provides two types of storage nodes, cost-effective capacity nodes for backup, archive, file storage and average performance requirement environments and hybrid nodes using flash as a cache for the highperformance needed by applications in virtual environments.

Gridstore's purpose built softwaredefined storage is speeding up application performance in virtual environments

Testimony to Gridstore’s Industry Leading Solution The company’s highly economical solutions have found traction as they serve the mid-market enterprises in higher education establishments, law firms, technology companies,oil and gas firms and many other verticals. A testimony to Gridstore’s industry-leading offering is demonstrated through its Gridstore 3.0 software-defined storage solution adopted by ETTE (Empowerment Through Technology & Education) as an integral component of updating their data protection infrastructure as a service business.

Moving forward, the company looks to continue to improve on manageability and performance with the focus being on ODX support for windows environments and improved management for enterprises with full integration with Windows Systems Center.


Mountain View, CA

George Symons, CEO

A provider of optimized storage solutions for windows server and hyper-v for virtual environments

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