Grindstone PBC: Advocates for Cybersecurity Management

Craig Philip, President
Against the backdrop of rapid digitization and a continually updated regulatory environment, tackling cybersecurity issues has become increasingly essential for organizations, across public and private sectors. Yet, they often struggle to navigate cyberspace because of resource constraints, inadequate staff, and a lack of know-how for solving cybersecurity issues.

This is what cybersecurity expert and advocate Craig Philip discovered, while working on a large government project dealing with U.S. citizen data protection. He quickly realized the need to bring more knowledgeable professionals into the fight against growing cyberattacks, as well as, a need to infuse fresh ideas, innovative processes, and expert talent into cybersecurity management. From that, Grindstone PBC was born.

Today, Grindstone PBC provides cybersecurity as a service with a focus on cybersecurity staff augmentation. As a public benefit cybersecurity company, Grindstone PBC is driven to support and manage baseline and front-end cybersecurity compliance for government agencies and contracting companies.

“We have a business-driven risk approach to solving cybersecurity compliance issues, along with an ability to identify and develop top cybersecurity talent,” says Philip, president at Grindstone PBC.

Philip brings a combination of business acumen and technical expertise to the company. He has a background in economics and information assurance, and is recognized as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and Certified Ethical Hacker. Similarly, Grindstone PBC director Shane Anderson holds various cybersecurity certifications including an ISO 27001 certification which enables him to conduct cybersecurity audits.

Grindstone PBC stands apart from its competition by adopting a people-oriented, proactive approach, and performance focus, grounded in its clients’ business goals. It customizes its services to suit client requirements and their business model by considering various industry-specific compliance frameworks and policies. This helps Grindstone PBC determine the ideal security controls, people, processes, and technology to be implemented.

To streamline cybersecurity compliance activities the company utilizes machine learning and automation for increased operational efficiency.
Grindstone PBC has also developed a security compliance tool to automate certain time- and resource-intensive tasks in cybersecurity management, allowing clients to do more with fewer resources.

Moreover, with a unique teach-first approach, Grindstone PBC helps clients better understand their issues from a business angle. This helps organizations align their cybersecurity management with their business operations and enables them to make smarter, and more informed business decisions on their cybersecurity measures.

Case in point, Grindstone PBC has frequently remedies security breaches on its clients’ systems. Following a thorough analysis, Grindstone PBC can provide clarity to the client’s security baseline and create a tailored, holistic plan that enhances cybersecurity compliance, reduces cyberattacks, and facilitates secure business operations.

We have a business-driven risk approach to solving cybersecurity compliance issues, along with an ability to identify and develop top cybersecurity talent

Cybersecurity services and compliance form Grindstone PBC’s backbone, while its cybersecurity advocacy stance allows the company to educate and to introduce more professionals to the field.

“We have an ecosystem of different innovative services that we leverage to train and develop the next generation of cybersecurity professionals,” added Anderson.

Recently, Grindstone PBC introduced a volunteering initiative to provide real-world cybersecurity training for those interested in becoming certified cybersecurity professionals. Looking ahead, Grindstone PBC is developing an immersive learning simulation program for future industry professionals and a cybersecurity apprenticeship program using industry veterans to build a robust cybersecurity talent pipeline.

As the company continues to grow, Grindstone PBC aims to widen the spread of industry best practices via its cybersecurity risk management education and information sharing exercises.

Grindstone PBC

College Park, MD

Craig Philip, President and Shane Anderson, Director

Grindstone PBC provides innovative, cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to businesses and government organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region. With a stellar talent pipeline, industry best practices, and proven methods, Grindstone PBC builds robust cybersecurity programs for clients that help drive compliance, augment business operations, and foster growth.

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