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Naheed Syed, President and CEO
“Cloud-based technology is basically old wine in a new bottle,” says Naheed Syed, president and CEO of Global Resource Management, Inc. (GRMI). Having amassed over two decades’ worth of experience in the field of IT services and consulting, Syed witnessed the world’s digital transformation from its grassroots and has provided cloud migration, data warehousing, and data lake solutions for leading companies, leveraging IBM on a global scale.

Organizations are constantly looking to acquire the best and brightest talent, equipped with the newest and most innovative technology to help propel their success in the future. Be it advancements in cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), or the Internet of Things (IoT), companies strive to leverage the latest software—often leading to disruptions in a firm’score operations. GRMI aims to upend this siloed method of adopting new technologies by providing effective consultative services that focus predominantly on the key areas of data and content management, software robotics, cybersecurity, application development, and cloud solutions.

Founded in 1993, GRMI specializes in delivering data management, IT, telecommunication, technical staffing, and mobile solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Over the past five years, GRMI has performed several cloud migrations from massive data warehouses and IBM data centers to virtual data lakes and cloud platforms. During this period, GRMI became invested in Watson—IBM’s natural language processing supercomputer. “The reason we worked with IBM’s deep learning AI was to understand the patterns of predictive analytics,” explains Syed. “This experience led us to delve into comprehensive software robotics as well as ML, IoT, AI, and cybersecurity technologies.” GRMI leverages its vast expertise in the field to provide multilayered, multifaceted services to telecommunication, healthcare, banking and finance, manufacturing, media, and consumer goods industries.
Owing to their partnership with IBM, GRMI also offers release management and Dev Ops solutions to ensure the successful launch of an organization’s new-to-market product.

“A lot of our clients are now realizing that data is their biggest asset,” says Syed. To assist organizations in better managing their data, GRMI provides intuitive business intelligence (BI), which incorporates cybersecurity and the application of modernization platforms. The IT services firm understands their clientele thoroughly and consequently places stringent security protocols to ensure that a customer’s data and privacy is completely secure.

GRMI helps their customers after a thorough analysis of the client’s business model and goals with regard to their data management, RPA, Digitization, and development processes, and productivity. “Traditionally, 35 percent of the data within an organization’s digital environment is redundant because it comes from numerous sources,” explains Syed. This very incident was affecting one of GRMI’s telecommunication customers, where the client faced an overload of data within an IT infrastructure that resulted in month-long delays in the delivery of services. By leveraging their comprehensive software robotics solution, GRMI was able to streamline and improve the client’s data management processes, which resulted in the customer providing solutions in near real-time. “After the client implemented our product, the ROI gain within the next six months was substantial,” recalls Syed.

For GRMI, as an enterprise focusing on niche areas of technology within industries, 2019 is expected to be a year of increased collaboration and organizational growth.“We were a strictly U.S. based company, providing managed services organically,” says Syed. “Today, however, following a recent partnership with a large group of companies, GRMI’s presence has expanded to five different countries. Our focus is to help organizations take the next step in cloud-based services, cybersecurity, and software robotics,” concludes Syed.


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Naheed Syed, President and CEO

Delivers mobile technologies and applications, Cloud solutions, enterprise application development and modernization, data management/analytics/lakes solutions to the IT, Healthcare, Insurance, Telecomm, Banking, and Consumer Goods industries