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Patrick Henry, CEO
The digital transformation has significantly set its course to reform the traditional agricultural norms and guide the agro-industry towards a tech-powered future. Positioned at the forefront of this technological revolution in agriculture is GroGuru with its proprietary technology focused on empowering modern farmers.

Over the years, in spite of significant developments in agricultural technology, farmers around the world have always been pinned under age-old limitations of accurately determining the factors such as optimum salinity of the soil, the right amount of fertilizer and irrigation water required for the best yield. Nevertheless, though there are other tools in the market that provide a near-about outlook into these parameters, the readings, however, become irrelevant eventually as this information keeps changing throughout the life cycle of the plant. This is where GroGuru technology turns the table on smart agriculture, providing the farmers with accurate measures on soil moisture and soil sanity in real time and immediately forwarding feedback and recommendations for the crop and yield on any device preferred by the farmer. Today, with a prospective market of two billion dollars in annual revenue, the U.S. agricultural landscape backed by technology like GroGuru has the potential of proliferating in ten folds. Being exceptionally efficient as a best practice, the technology significantly decreases input costs for growing crops, increasing yields and maximizing profits for the farmers.

GroGuru offers farmers with a very simple and hassle-free installation of the GroGuru technology. After installing the GroGuru hardware, farmers can simply log in to their accounts on the GroGuru website to assess real-time data and recommendations for their crop, allowing them to further make adjustments more quickly and accurately than ever before. The GroGuru technology conveys to the farmer two crucial things – determining whether the crew is doing the irrigation at the right time and for the right amount of time.

GroGuru has the ultimate understanding that the farmers are significantly busy and they don’t need to spend time maintaining the network, or analyzing the data

Secondly, determining the health of the irrigation system. As an equivalent of a water management system, GroGuru deploys sensors like water flow meters to measure these readings, which also helps the farmer to easily report on the overall usage of groundwater in compliance with the government regulations. The platform is further extensible allowing other types of sensors to be integrated into it.

After capturing the data from the sensors, the GroGuru platform’s machine learning algorithm curates the data and sends it to the cloud tailored for agriculture. GroGuru helps the farmer to access this data through applications available on the App Store. The company also provides a web application that enables the farmer to analyze different locations on the site immediately after logging into the application. The yellow lights or red lights shown over the site indicates to the farmer that something is wrong and requires a countermeasure. To determine the next course of action, the farmer can click and select his options as a part of actionable recommendations.

In a world where the existing agricultural technologies require the farmer to have a degree in information technology or analyzing data, GroGuru requires minimal maintenance. The platform has the ultimate understanding that the farmers are significantly busy and they don’t need to spend time maintaining the network, or analyzing the data. Rather, they must be getting recommendations on what they need to be doing.

Groguru Systems

La Jolla, CA

Patrick Henry, CEO

GroGuru technology measures soil moisture and soil salinity in real-time and provides feedback anytime, anyplace, from any device

Groguru Systems