Group FiO: Open-source Omni-Channel and ERP Solution Backed by Support Services

Ravi Srinivasan, President & CEO
Running a company in the current digital climate entails the use of many software tools that are designed to improve productivity and promote efficiency. These practices are seen in industries that rely heavily on data and logistics solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Resource Management (CRM) tools to deliver responsive services. However, the rising cost of licensing and SaaS per seat pricing models have hindered the growth of SMBs. In addition, with cost-effective alternatives like open source solutions which are basically technical in their approach individuals with sparse technical backgrounds find it difficult to augment their operations with solutions without a qualified implementation and support team.

“Open source solutions with a robust business layer can become a competitive and extremely powerful tool to work with,” says Ravi Srinivasan, President and CEO, Group FiO. The firm promotes open source versions of ERP and CRM solutions to encourage SMBs to grow and become more efficient utilizing the open source platform. Group FiO solutions are based on opentaps open source ERP+CRM, a suite that offers the business a proven and effective solution. The firm provides business automation with OpenEMM, an open source software for e-mail and marketing automation. When availing the paid services from Group FiO, the customers get an extensive support and back-end operations management, freeing them from the burden of having to tinker with the open-source version. This professional edition is relatively bug-free as Group FiO takes up full responsibility of finding and fixing any reported software issues that are likely to been countered while using the solution.

The Omni-channel and ERP offering has also been augmented with rising IT trends like dashboards to increase user productivity. “With dashboards, users have instant access to critical information to make wiser decisions based on information,” says Srinivasan. Dashboard for each area of the business needs to be different and particularly for areas such as supply chain, financials, and CRM.
The Group FiO’s Omni-channel ERP offering is also augmented with distribution and manufacturing back-end services to streamline all supply chain operations. The solution’s financial and automation and supply chain back-end services also compliment the B2B and B2E offering and is enveloped with the ERP and marketing system from Group FiO. In one instance, a client with stores in three different continents with three different websites approached Group FiO to simplify their supply chain in a cost-effective manner. Using open source solutions to coordinate the warehouses of all three stores, Group FiO was able to deliver a solution that could run all supply chain operations on a single system as well as a retail and distribution model at the same time. Two quarters after implementing the system, the customer was able to experience a positive return on investment. Integrating a dynamic inventory model for the client and offering a real-time inventory system, Group FiO alerts the client to switch the supply channel when the inventory in the channel is low.

“We also integrate multiple open source platforms to provide the integrated business flow where required,” says Srinivasan. The Group FiO offering enables a seamless integration between opentaps ERP and email marketing solutions like OpenEMM.

For the future, GroupFiO aims on expanding through its resellers and increase its global reach. “We also plan to develop resource management tools for the construction industry as we foresee a rising demand for our service in this sector,” says Srinivasan. Group FiO will forge forward by continuing with its innovative spirit and help clients stay ahead of their competition.

Open source solutions with a robust business layer can become a competitive and extremely powerful tool to work with

Group FiO

Houston, USA

Ravi Srinivasan, President & CEO

Group FiO offers both open-source and paid ERP solutions for small and medium businesses to manage and improve efficiency and productivity of business operations.