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Arun Murali, CEO
In recent years, the healthcare industry has had to navigate sweeping changes including the recent switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10, compliance with EHR meaningful use requirements, increased patient payment responsibilities, and health reform under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. An ongoing challenge includes an immense shift in modality with its ‘au courant’ products, services, and reimbursement plans that work proactively to enhance patients’ health.

Although, the healthcare community has long embraced technology as an integral part of offering better clinical outcomes, medical practices have not been able to fully realize its potential for building an effective practice management process. This lurking drawback of outdated revenue cycle processes in healthcare has resulted in declining reimbursements and shrinking profitability. As a full-service medical billing, transcription, technology and consulting firm, GroupOne Health Source is dedicated to addressing this impediment in the healthcare industry by delivering innovative technology solutions that tackle modern day medical practice challenges.

"I believe we are working to be the best medical revenue cycle management firm in the world," said Arun Murali, CEO of GroupOne Health Source. "Customer service is a top priority as we constantly strive to improve ways of meeting or exceeding client expectations. We believe in automation and proper use of technology, but not at the expense of sacrificing customer service, a key differentiator for us."

In this ever changing healthcare industry, GroupOne has a unique advantage when overseeing the billing operations. While nationally recognized for revenue cycle management (RCM), the company is also a “Gold Certified” distribution, installation, training, and implementation partner of the Meaningful Use certified eClinicalWorks comprehensive electronic health records solution. “Our experience in implementing eClinicalWorks in multiple practice settings has helped us develop better processes engineered for EHR users to increase productivity and streamline the entire RCM operation,” said Murali.
With more than two decades of experience, GroupOne is made up of contemporary problem solvers that assist the company’s 1,000 plus provider customer base in achieving RCM and EHR success. GroupOne’s team of revenue cycle experts were recently challenged with what is considered to be the biggest change to take place in the healthcare industry in decades by switching from the ICD-9 coding standard to ICD-10 on October 1st. Murali reports that ICD-10 was a great success for the company and their customers with a first pass claim acceptance rate of nearly 98 percent post ICD-10.

We believe in automation and proper use of technology, but not at the expense of sacrificing customer service, a key differentiator for us

As a global entity, the firm’s revenue cycle experts delve deep to uncover opportunities to improve the customer’s reimbursement processes and overall financial outcomes. Their continuous research into healthcare changes like the upcoming Merit-based Incentive Payment System, contributes to the evolution of the company’s services. “We are aware of the reimbursement pressure and continuously work on ways to make our services more efficient without increasing costs and sacrificing quality,” says Murali. One unique feature that makes up GroupOne’s RCM service is the ‘Patient Call Center’ that delivers a patient focused solution to customers. “The service helps our customers’ customer [the patient] better understand the patient statement and charges while at the same time giving GroupOne patient feedback that physicians typically aren’t hearing,” highlights Murali.

Moving ahead, GroupOne’s vision is to pair cutting-edge technologies with access to healthcare industry experts so that all aspects of the revenue cycle are proactively managed. “We keep the customers informed and engaged through the process, so they know we have their back,” says Murali. “We strive to provide effective and efficient quality services as an output, and aim to see satisfied customers in an era of automation,” he concludes.

Group One Health Source

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Arun Murali, CEO

Provides full-service medical billing, transcription, technology, and consulting to improve Revenue Cycle Management for large, medium, and small sized practices

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