GROUP9 BV: Reimagining Java Development

Rob Slaats, Managing Partner & CEO
Java origins were humble but its meteoric rise in its ability to influence businesses across the globe cannot be understated. Java was conceived as an alternative to the C++/C programming languages but it spawned a plethora of companies who sought to work on java based products. Java programmed applications has caught the attention of various companies while touching various verticals like telecom and finance who were looking for streamlining of processes alongside optimizations of resources. However, Java based platforms are grappling with refactoring challenges as suites of applications have evolved over time, with eroded software architecture and software development process, leading to reduced productivity. Among the milieu of companies working on Java platform, GROUP9 BV, a Dutch company is re-implementing workable software architecture, to de-compose software and to strengthen the software development process.

We have a flat company where we make the important decisions as a group

Under the tutelage of Rob Slaats, CEO, GROUP9 BV is focusing its strengths in the Open Source Java, Software Architecture, Business Process Management and Business Rules Engines. “We deliver best-in-class solutions using Agile and Scrum methodologies while protecting the customers interests,” says Slaats. Often, the customers have been acquiring big and expensive software tools yet they stagger behind the competition. The fault lies with the software tools being too complex which complicates the work process. GROUP9 BV has come to the aid of their customers with the Open Source Java stacks that offer good quality and fit for purpose tools that do the trick and are far less complex and costly. Taking the customer support to next level, GROUP9 BV is offering development solutions and consultancy to their customers thus making it commercially viable.
Bas van den Eertwegh, Managing Partner & Commercial Director
GROUP9 BV efforts in putting across a viable Java Development platform are not going unnoticed among its peers and customers. There are successes stories abound in the open about GROUP9 BV efforts in providing a top notch help for customers who are seeking Java platform. “For a large insurance company we helped restructure main development program for their pension administration,” says Slaats about one of their success story. The program was widespread with headcount of 70 people but faced a decreasing velocity and software quality. The GROUP9 BV undertook an overhaul of their system with the enforcing of the Domain Driven Design architecture which culminated in the speed up and improvement of insurance company’s development process, including implementing SCRUM and DevOps.

The success stories are the outcome of the efforts undertaken to keep churning out innovation, GROUP9 BV has been investing on right technology and professionals while giving impetus to group based action. “We have a flat company where we make the important decisions as a group,” reflects Slaats as his firm assists its customers by operating in teams where all individual experience is bundled together in order to create a clear picture.

By investing in cloud, GROUP9 BV understands the rationale of adapting cost effective methods to stay ahead in the game. “We focus on developing methodologies to improve software development or refactoring challenges while betting big on Clouds Development,” beams Slaats. GROUP9 BV aim is to be an attractive prospect to the customers as they embark on the road to being one of the most sought after java developing firms.


Vught, Netherlands

Rob Slaats, Managing Partner & CEO and Bas van den Eertwegh, Managing Partner & Commercial Director

GROUP9 BV is an IT Consultancy company that delivers professional java professionals and integrated implementation of new software in order to achieve maximum business productivity for customers