Grupo Consisa: Breaking Down Barrier of Legacy ERP

Francisco Martinez, Business Manager
Businesses in today’s day and age are facing a myriad of IT challenges that include increasing costs, evolving business requirements and aging technology. Nowhere are these challenges more apparent than with the use of legacy ERP systems. However, thanks to the modern technology that has spawned a real revolution that enables successful implementations under budget and on time. Great strides have been made by Microsoft to encapsulate flexible and easy-to-use business software applications into MS Dynamics family and transform them with smarter decisions and insights. However, to leverage Microsoft Dynamics’ products, enterprises need to rely on trusted Microsoft Partners. This is where Grupo Consisa comes in, as a Microsoft Dynamics partner providing an end-to-end solution based on Microsoft CRM, AX, retail management system and more—to enhance business outcomes and accelerate the digitization of business processes with minimal risk and value-based investment.

In a scenario wherein the Microsoft partner ecosystem is constantly maneuvering itself in the direction meets the futuristic needs, Consisa stands a mile ahead with over three decades of rich expertise in the field of information technology. The company acts as a trusted strategic IT partner for organizations that require improving efficiency and effectiveness of their business methodologies. Consisa also forms a technical partnership with their customers to manage their IT operations efficiently, which in turn accelerates their core business. The company’s dedicated experts attribute an in-depth product knowledge and industry experience needed to implement Microsoft Dynamics ERP for a variety of businesses successfully. The team assists clients during and post-implementation, making sure clients obtain all the necessary “know-how” at the first level of support.

“At Consisa, our main objective is to leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics, so that companies have secure, fast information at their disposal,” says Francisco Martinez, Business Manager, GrupoConsisa. “We have been in partnership with Microsoft for over 13 years, and till date, our focus is the implementation of Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV, designed to meet unique business requirements and include specialized functionality tailored to vertical industry processes.”

We have been in partnership with Microsoft for over 15 years, and till date our focus is the implementation of Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV

The company is focused on creating valuable alliances with various Microsoft ISVs that bring best-in-class functionality to the clients in their specific industries. Consisa’s strategic partnership with renowned Microsoft ISVs including the YAVEON AG, LS Retail, KENEK, SI Foodware, and TARGIT BI offers a fully integrated solution with the best technology incorporated—making it more efficient for client’s requirements.

From chemicals, pharma, medical technology, food and cosmetics to retail businesses, Consisa is providing best-in-class business solutions that make its clients more competitive in the market. Martinez firmly believes that the integration of robust Microsoft Dynamics ERP with the specialization of the different ISVs empower clients to be more productive and enable their systems to adapt quickly for fulfilling unique business needs.

Martinez points-out an instance where Super Selectos, a leading supermarket chain with 100 stores and over 900 POS across El Salvador, faced several implementation issues with its legacy system. They employed Consisa’s solutions that enabled ease of use, quick implementation, and the power to support serving the present and future needs of their business. Besides, Consisa also helps and supports their sale and marketing strategies aimed at attracting new customers and enticing the existing ones.

In the near future, Consisa promises to take its rich legacy forward in a manner conducive to client partnership, while focusing on optimizing costs and achieving superior business outcomes. “We are willing to go one step ahead with consulting services, offering IT management services to our customers that will include the implementation and management of their ERP, enabling them to focus on their business and increase their profit,” concludes Martinez.

Grupo Consisa

San Salvador, El Salvador

Francisco Martinez, Business Manager

Provides MS Dynamics CRM and ERP implementations for the Latin America market and act as a strategic IT partner

Grupo Consisa