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Rick Calder, President and CEO
Cloud security grabbed the spotlight at the 2015 RSA Conference held in San Francisco, CA with many experts providing insights on the ways to bring order in cloud chaos. Today, cloud is again in the news, but this time not because of its capabilities, but for its inability to provide a secure platform to access information. “It is compelling corporations to use more bandwidth in their network architecture, which is prompting them to use the public Internet more than ever,” says Rick Calder, President and CEO, GTT Communications. The demand for the high bandwidth and increasing the size of the networks is stemming from increasing demand for 24/7 access to bandwidth and reach, with on-demand flexibility, driven by flood of content, explosion of mobile devices, always “on” business operations, broadening access to cloud applications and the advent of big data.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., GTT has best-in-class cloud networking services that provide multinational organizations an efficient way to access their cloud applications and services, without compromising on security. GTT’s extensive global network includes more than 250 Point of Presence (PoPs) deployed in over 100 countries and 300 markets. With more than 1,000 global partners, GTT has the flexibility to deliver private, public, and hybrid cloud network solutions to any location in the world and with any application in the cloud.

The Beginning and Ascent

GTT started as a telecom startup with a mission to provide com¬plete end-to-end turnkey solutions to complex telecommunications systems. As the high-tech solutions and trends started to gain prom-inence, GTT spent its time accelerating their pace to walk toe-to-toe with these predominant technologies. In this light, GTT made several acquisitions, which ultimately redefined their vision. One significant acquisition in 2013 was acquiring the global data business from Inteliquent which grew the com¬pany by more than 50 percent. This acquisition brought GTT a global footprint for delivering Ethernet Wide-Area-Network services and IP Transport to multinational enterprises around the world. In 2015, GTT also acquired the managed services business from MegaPath, which expanded the company’s cloud networking services to include a comprehensive and advanced portfolio of managed services along with managed security services and PCI Compliance solutions.

Today, GTT possesses more than 140,000 routes, which allow the company to directly connect with more than one-third of the Internet routing tables on-net, ensuring fast and reliable delivery. GTT’s expansive global network provides full or partial IP transit with no traffic delays, and guaranteed delivery. GTT maintains extensive peering partnerships with the major providers, and interconnects with most network access providers to extend its reach to every corner of the world.

Extending the Reach of the Enterprise Network

As enterprises rely extensively on cloud services, a large amount of data is being transferred between their corporate locations. As a result, the volume of network traffic is growing exponentially. Unfortunately, the security risks associated with moving sensitive information across the Internet are growing too.

To help enterprises protect their sensitive information, GTT provides managed security solutions that ensure multi-layer network security. Among those solutions, Calder says, is GTT's Managed Secure Access. “Extending the reach of the enterprise network, the solution establishes a secure VPN connection from any device, anywhere, anytime, and encrypts all traffic flowing between the user's browser or device and corporate resources,” says Calder. GTT’s Managed Security Services are delivered in a Security-as-a-Service format, so there is no hardware to acquire, no original equipment manufacturer (OEM) support contracts to purchase, and services can be provisioned on demand in a matter of minutes and not weeks.
GTT's managed security solutions also incorporate Unified Threat Management (UTM) security services, including advanced firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, Web filtering, content Filtering, and anti-Spam capabilities. The entire spectrum of UTM services can be implemented in the cloud, on the customer’s premises, or in a hybrid configuration to deliver unprecedented, defense-in-depth security. While GTT’s comprehensive UTM services cover a broad range of common compliance requirements, the company offers Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) versions of managed logging, vulnerability scanning, and security information management that meets the most stringent compliance requirements.

For enterprises that accept credit cards, another security challenge is the need to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. Compliance demands continuous network monitoring to minimize the risk of a data breach, but Calder points out that many companies do not have the expertise and resources to conduct round-the-clock monitoring and management. "Many GTT clients rely on our comprehensive PCI solution," he says. "GTT security operations center manage more than 80,000 client endpoints to proactively monitor for potential security threats. Our security team secures all network components, as well as all corporate traffic moving on the network, ensuring companies are in full compliance with the latest PCI standard."

Another component of GTT's security solutions is secure network connectivity to cloud service providers such as IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. When IBM decided to extend its IBM Cloud service to more than 100 data centers across Europe, the company chose GTT's ultra-secure, high-performance network to provide enterprises with private, direct connectivity to IBM's cloud services in those locations.

GTT also has expertise in architecting an organization’s Wide Area Network (WAN) to meet their needs and goals.

GTT further enhances the viability of customer’s WAN through its portfolio of EtherCloud® solutions—that coordinates the WAN by linking customer’s globally-distributed offices. One GTT client is Take-Two Interactive, a gaming company with 42 global locations. Each office develops a different aspect of the game-development process. The performance of Take-Two's network, a company-wide VPN via the public Internet, was inconsistent, unpredictable and inefficient. "GTT implemented a global private network with EtherCloud, managed MPLS IP-VPN and dedicated Internet access to all of Take-Two's 42 locations," Calder says, "a solution that reduced the file-transfer time from nine hours to less than 60 minutes. Because of the new network's speed and efficiency, Take-Two's software developers collaborate more effectively and more productively, reducing their cycle and file-transfer time even more."

GTT employees commit themselves everyday by living the company’s core values of delivering superior client experience with simplicity, speed, and agility

As GTT continues to evolve its solutions portfolio to help enterprise clients overcome their bandwidth, capacity and security challenges, Calder elucidates that GTT employees commit themselves every day by living the company's core values of delivering superior client experience with simplicity, speed, and agility. Staying focused on their strategy, GTT has tremendous potential to grow, both in the near term and well into the future.

GTT Communications

McLean, VA

Rick Calder, President and CEO

GTT operates a global Tier-1 IP network which connects to any location in the world and with any application in the cloud--reliably and securely

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