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Pinak H Soni, CEO
Today, hotel booking is a consumer-driven story. The modern-day travelers in line with the technology evolution have moved away from the traditional way of booking through travel agents to going through the online reviews of hotels before finalizing their decision. With the internet and GDS coming into the picture, the traveler has fingertip access to the reputation of every hotel by way of user-generated reviews. As reviews and ratings determine the bookings and business of a hotel, hoteliers seek a solution that will ensure that their standing never goes down. Rewriting the playbook for enhancing the guest experience is GuestTouch through a state of the art human powered AI-driven solution.

GuestTouch has introduced a cutting edge Reputation Management and guest engagement solution platform that enables the hoteliers to engage with their guests right from the time of checking-in to post check-out. Pinak H Soni, CEO of GuestTouch, says, “Guest experience needs to be viewed more holistically. It starts at the booking stage (pre-arrival), encompasses the stay, and the post-stay experience as well. We are providing hotels with a robust solution that allows them to interact with guests at every potential touchpoint.” Designed with the local hotel management team in mind, GuestTouch’s solution provides enterprise metrics and reports in real-time at each property.

The platform supercharges the existing property management system and allows the hoteliers to maintain communication with their guests through the real-time messaging service. It helps the hotel to identify problems with trends, provide analysis and deep insights into every aspect of the hotel’s performance. “A higher engagement from the hotel management team leads to improved results overall. It is about having a solution that each GM and hoteliers love and use,” mentions Soni. GuestTouch team helps the hotels with SEO strategy and professional content writing, besides extending excellent customer support. Guest Engagement Suites allows hotels to respond every review with personalized and professional responses. Soni adds, “A recent study from Forrester and TripAdvisor reveals that 71 percent of travelers think management responses are so important that it also has the ability to sway travelers’ booking decisions.

We are providing hotels with a robust solution that allows them to interact with guests at every potential touchpoint

68 percent say they would choose a hotel with management responses over a comparable hotel without them.”

GuestTouch builds a bond between the guests and hoteliers. They can directly message each other to share information such as free Wi-Fi, breakfast timings, and other relevant information. The direct message feature also ensures that the hotel staff never misses a single message from the guest as live messages pop right on the platform’s dashboard. This helps them to take immediate action on any issue that a customer might have faced, and solve it right on the spot. In this manner, the guest experience is made soothing, which in turn helps the hoteliers solidify a strong online ranking.

GuestTouch assisted Lexen North Hotel to create a strong presence in the hotel industry. Implementing GuestTouch’s platform helped them to elevate the guest experience, enabled in-hotel communication, and allowed them to communicate any issues instantly while facilitating quick resolution. These small steps led to an increase in traffic of 381 percent on a major channel like Google, and the hotel achieved a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from TripAdvisor. Subsequently, the hotel went on to win the ‘Independent Hotel of the Year’ award presented by the AAHOA.

Up next, GuestTouch is aiming to add new features to its platform to enrich the customer experience even further and create an impact in the global market. “We will continue to go deeper into our core domain and keep innovating to provide cutting-edge solutions that provide results to the hotel management by striking a right balance between machine learning and human element, as hospitality is all about personal touch,” says Neeraj Kumar, CTO, GuestTouch.


San Francisco, CA

Pinak H Soni, CEO and Neeraj Kumar, CTO

Based in San Francisco, California, GuestTouch was founded in 2016. The company is an automated next-generation guest engagement and does the job of reviewing solutions for hotels that upgrades and automated client interactions, such as messaging, customer feedback and reviews to enhance the online reputation of the hotel, improve scores, boost experiences, and offer robust guest engagement to aid hotels to drive booking constantly. The company specializes in hotel reputation, guest messaging, hotel texting, hotel ADA website, review collection, hotel AI, hotel reviews, review responses, hotel feedback, data-driven hotel marketing, and review collection