GuestU: A Chaperone for Personalized Guest Experience

Euclides Major, CEO and Founder
Understanding guests and their unspoken expectations are the cornerstones to create the coveted guest experience, the game changer in the highly competitive hospitality industry. For the guest, an ideal hotel stay would be one where he is escorted to his favorite room the very moment he checks-in, and his daily schedule is made exactly how he wants it to be. “The future of guest experience management is here,” says Euclides Major, CEO and Founder of GuestU. “Hotels are getting closer to guests and providing an experience with a true individualistic touch that helps them feel welcomed and treated as individuals and not as another tourist.” Beholding this mission in a thoroughfare manner, the company’s Avant-garde product, GuestU Phone, brings in the much-anticipated capabilities to increase guest satisfaction, ultimately incrementing the hotel’s profitability.

GuestU Phone made available in all the rooms provides free internet voice calls, internet access, and a personalized selection of mobile applications to assist the guests during their stay. The phone also has a city guide that suggests places to visit, based on historical data of guest behavior and preferences. The guide can be customized completely to incorporate subtle details of the area and its hallmark locations. The GuestU Phone also functions as a channel for guests to subscribe to the various amenities provided by the hotel, based on individualized recommendations from the host.

Behind the curtains, GuestU offers a comprehensive visualization to hotels by building profiles of their guests, capturing intricate details of user behavior like the typical length of stay, the purpose of visit, and the local places frequented by them. The solution draws correlations between different guest profiles and helps hotel managers understand, based on the collated information, their expectations during the trip. Hotels can engage their guests through the GuestU mobile application with a customized branding option, not just during their stay, but even during pre-check-in and post-check-out periods. “The engaging aura we create between hotels and guests has generated excellent online reviews for our customers, with over 50 percent of the reviewers mentioning how the GuestU Phone was a useful tool offered to them by the hotel,” explains Major.

Eventually it is our focus to become the primary source of interesting data for hotels that wish to enhance their analytics and personalization capabilities

Hotels can make their communication more effective by conversing through the application in multiple languages. This was a top priority for a European chain of hotels that was looking for a suitable in-stay product to improve the experience of their guests. The customer, with close to a hundred properties, looked to provide better recommendations, help the concierge, and overall, better comprehend their customer profiles so as to enrich the engagement during their stay and beyond. Their guests currently use the GuestU Phone for over 70 minutes a day and even answer surveys to help the hotel gain actionable insights—tying together the answers and other data points to a business intelligence module.

GuestU enables a wide berth of possibilities for hoteliers to leverage their technology. An open architecture allows them to integrate with other platforms and rope in services into the GuestU Phone. “Through an exclusive IoT partner, we are currently compatible with 200 smart devices, including remotes, switches, lighting, thermostats, detectors, sensor & locks. Eventually, it is our focus to become the primary source of interesting data for hotels that wish to enhance their analytics and personalization capabilities,” says Major. In anticipation of blooming possibilities, GuestU aims to be the preferred in-stay product in up to 50,000 rooms in the next year. From a technology standpoint, the company aims to introspect guest data in a more meticulous manner and automate suggestions to provide a curated and personalized guest experience.


Lisbon, Portugal

Euclides Major, CEO and Founder

Provides GuestU Phone, an in-stay product for hotel rooms, and a number of applications to personalize guest experience and help concierges understand guest behavior