Gunnison Consulting Group: Tapping Into the Potential of DevOps

Christopher Kamsler, Technical Director
Gunnison Consulting Group has been the epitome of DevOps-powered application development and testing for large-scale software to clients in the government and commercial sectors. Stepping into its twenty-fourth year of business, the consulting firm has set a benchmark in terms of helping clients unleash the power of DevOps methodologies. “DevOps is ingrained in our workflow as it helps our team succeed in developing the right software solutions. Gunnison loves to follow the agile methodology,” mentions Christopher Kamsler, technical director, Gunnison Consulting Group. With a flair for addressing challenges, coupled with the backing of a best-in-class workforce in software development, testing, and management, Gunnison has carved a niche for itself by helping clients leverage DevOps methodologies.

Gunnison views DevOps as “not just a way of delivering code, but as a means for organizations to manage quality.” The company’s solution portfolio consists of developing mobile applications and back-end systems for a wide range of operations in the government sector. The company also has robust and unparalleled expertise in systems and application testing.

Gunnison’s approach to deploying solutions at a client’s site involves working shoulder to shoulder with their customers to understand their environment and determine what specific technologies can be leveraged to implement DevOps in the most efficient, cost-effective way. All the deployment details are rigorously worked out to develop a strong workflow, with immense scope for agility all through the software development and testing process. If the development or deployment of the solution requires assistance beyond the core competencies of Gunnison, then the company leverages its partner network to complete the process in time. “Gunnison shines in terms of developing complicated solutions that are easier for end users to use and comprehend,” says Kamsler.

Gunnison’s exceptional capabilities in DevOps are being leveraged by the International Association of Fire Fighters, J.D. Power, the US Patent and Tradmark Office and the U.S. Census Bureau.

DevOps is ingrained in our workflow as it helps our team succeed in developing the right software solutions. Gunnison loves to follow the agile methodology

Kamsler is personally overseeing the development of a mobile application that would allow teams to collect and upload field collected data for several surveys into the Bureau’s data warehouses. The project involves integrating multiple back-end systems and so, Gunnison is developing system interconnections to accelerate the movement of data and information; quality control for meeting prescribed documentation standards is also being performed. “On the mobile application side, we are developing client solutions to accelerate data collection and ensure robust data security all the way from the end-user to the back-end,” remarks Kamsler. He further adds that the application was a milestone development for both Gunnison and the U.S. Census Bureau as the synergy between the two organizations achieved numerous technical advancements. A number of modern web technologies were introduced into the development model to hasten the process. One notable result of this work was the reduction in build time from 48 hours to 20 minutes.

Going forward, Gunnison intends to utilize new ideas in technology and Agile processes to pave the way for greater experimentation and innovation, so as to bring greater value to customers. The company watches out for the cutting-edge technologies and path-breaking developments through its own research or by interacting with other leaders in the industry. “Gunnison is keen on projects that challenge its capabilities and eventually help the company advance in terms of skills and competence,” says Kamsler. The company’s work culture, which aims to tap the hidden potential of every employee, provides the impetus for Gunnison’s future goals.

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Christopher Kamsler, Technical Director

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