Gunter Group: An Agile Approach To Transformational Success

Matt Bader, Partner
With more companies developing a customer centric approach, their organizations’ mindset and processes need to become agile, requiring partners and providers to focus on agile services in order to help organizations transform their business. However, within this movement there is a need to address the mindset shift that can align with agile instead of focusing on agile as the end goal.

Matt Bader, Partner at The Gunter Group says, “Companies don’t seek to transform to become experts at agile; they seek to transform to better support their customers and to achieve better business outcomes. Our firm places a relentless focus on our clients’ strategic goals by bringing agile expertise and experience as a capability to help them get there.”

With a growing team of diverse, experienced, and values driven experts, The Gunter Group’s listen-first philosophy provides companies of all sizes and industries with effective solutions that align with their culture and objectives. Its pragmatic approach to effective strategic planning is grounded in working closely alongside the client’s team to identify and articulate an actionable and focused plan. The company partners with clients to understand their strengths, goals, challenges, and culture. By constructing a complete picture of the organization, The Gunter Group leads the team through a practical strategic planning process to identify high-level objectives, the initiatives and projects needed to achieve them, and the success metrics required to track and measure progress.

“We work to seamlessly develop the agile programs that impact the most important strategic initiatives for our clients. To achieve this, we take a collaborative approach which results in consensus among the clients’ teams and leads their organizations forward with ease,” says Jim Calko, Principal Consultant at The Gunter Group.

Through its approach, The Gunter Group helps clients look at how they should align around a strategy, and organize and staff for the shift. Next the company designs a program and operating model that leverages agile principles. This isbacked by the experience standing up the processes, tools and technologies that The Gunter Group offers to support the teams. Lastly they partner to manage the change across the organization.

The Gunter Group leads programs and projects to successful completion by applying its experience and attention to detail to tailor an ideal approach for the client’s situation and environment— regardless of size, complexity, regulation, or maturity. The company offer SAFe and other bespoke training and workshops through its agile training and workshop services.
Jim Calko, Principal Consultant
Further, The Gunter Group’s certified coaches and trainers are experienced in far more than just agile and offer agile coaching, program, project, and product leadership services. “We recruited people from non-traditional consulting backgrounds so they can connect and solve problems in a way that really resonates with our clients. They have the agile education, but more importantly practical experience as leaders in the businesses that our clients are in,” says Bader.

With a business model that is built around people and culture, The Gunter Group focuses on integrating with the business communities they serve. To achieve this, the company relies on doing great work and earning the opportunity to do future great work.

Our firm keeps a relentless focus on the strategic goals our clients are trying to achieve by bringing agile expertise and experience as a capability to help them get there

“We aren’t shopping off the shelf training or methodology, jumping on planes and quickly moving to the next one regardless of how the work went,” says Calko. “We are working with respected colleagues and friends and collaborating with clients on their most critical initiatives over the years.”

The Gunter Group’s highly qualified team of consultants have the experience in leading transformational programs, as well as expertise in SAFe, SCRUM, Lean, DevOps and other agile practices as well as complimentary disciplines like PMBOK, BABOK, ITIL and PROSCI. Working with the company’s team, clients will receive a value-based strategy designed to successfully deliver measurable outcomes and backed by relevant methodologies.

“Agile management was born from the need to iteratively develop software while providing value and timely problem identification. As organizations adopt these concepts in their business and IT environments, we encourage all of our clients to leverage the power of agile to transform the way they drive customer and business value creation; not just the adoption of agile as the newest management fad ,” says Bader.

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Matt Bader, Partner and Jim Calko, Principal Consultant

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