Gurucul: Data Science and Machine Learning for Enhanced IAM

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Saryu Nayyar, CEO
Organizations find it valuable to engage with Gurucul considering its purpose-built contributions to the identity and access management space. Gurucul, an El Segundo-based global cybersecurity firm is dedicated to disrupting the way enterprises protect their assets, data, and information from threats both internal and external, on-premises and on the cloud. “Gurucul stood out because its analytics engine was the most powerful. The company’s machine learning algorithms are the strongest. We saw results very, very quickly. There is an amazing value for its solution,” says Bill Scandrett, CISO of Allina Health. “Our Identity Analytics technology helps in reducing the attack surface of various accounts and eliminates unnecessary access rights and privileges handed out, ensuring enhanced security to data,” says Saryu Nayyar, CEO of Gurucul.

With the expertise of an advisory board comprising of Fortune 500 CISOs, and world-renowned experts in cybersecurity and government intelligence, the company positions itself among the top solution providers in the identity and access management arena. “Our mission is to enable organizations to protect their intellectual property, regulated information, and brand reputation from insider threats and sophisticated external intrusions,” adds Saryu. Gurucul’s top-notch tech-stack is used globally in all industry verticals to predict, detect and stop insider fraud, IP theft, and external attacks.

Instituted with the zeal to help clients achieve data security, Gurucul offers identity analytics, designed to comprehensively manage and monitor identity-based threats across their siloed environments. Leveraging big data, the company provides an integrated view of identity, access, privileged access, and usage on the cloud, on mobile and on-premises. Identity Analytics helps enterprises reduce the access plane by detecting and eliminating access risks, access outliers, and dormant accounts. As a result, the organization’s security posture will be enhanced significantly by decreasing the number of accounts that might be compromised.

Delivering the data science, Gurucul’s Identity Analytics improves identity and access management and privileged access management. This enriches their clients’ existing identity management investments and accelerates further deployments.

Our Identity Analytics technology helps in reducing the attack surface for various accounts and eliminates unnecessary access rights and privileges ensuring enhanced security to data

By leveraging machine learning models that enabling defining, reviewing and confirming accounts and entitlements for access the solution offers enhanced results and even surpasses human capabilities. The company’s Identity Analytics uses dynamic risk scores and advanced analytics data as key indicators for provisioning, de-provisioning, authentication, and allowing privileged access management.

With Gurucul’s identity analytics enterprises are able to achieve a complete accounting of all privileged entitlements and accounts. It successfully discovers individuals with privileged access that may have escalated after provisioning or exist within applications and unstructured data. The company thus enables security leaders to manage, monitor and control privileged access with optimal effectiveness and reduced risk. Additionally, the company’s novel solution is capable of identifying high-risk systems access by consuming access entitlements data from applications and platforms. Using Gurucul’s Identity Analytics integrated with identity and access management systems, enterprises detects access outliers by leveraging users’ peer groups to trigger certifications for outlier access. With API integrated into its framework, the solution automatically sends de-provisioning requests to concerned systems where standard workflows are applied to ensure that access is removed appropriately.

Unlike its competitors, Gurucul does not charge their clients based on the volume of data making the company unique in the space. The firm’s value-bound technologies and result-driven approaches gain appreciation from various industry verticals. Envisioning the future, Gurucul is planning to sharpen the edge of its solutions to well align with the global needs for security and improve customer satisfaction.


El Segundo, CA

Saryu Nayyar, CEO

As a global cybersecurity company, Gurucul is changing the way organizations look after their most valuable assets, data, and information from insider threats and external cyberattacks, both on-premises and in the cloud. The company’s real-time behavior-based security analytics and intelligence technology merge machine learning behavior profiling with predictive risk-scoring algorithms to foresee, detect, and prevent data breaches, fraud, and insider threats. The Identity Analytics technology of Gurucul reduces the attack surface for accounts and diminishes unnecessary access rights and privileges to enhance data protection. It helps organizations protect their intellectual property, classified information, and brand reputation as well