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CIO VendorGail Wilson, Founder & President
Times have changed. Monumental technological advancements have been achieved. Yet, some things remain primitive—manual processes with lots of paperwork. With a strong desire to be the wind of change, IT industry veteran Gail Wilson founded GWA Business Solutions. Driven by Gail’s passion, GWA is committed to helping companies succeed by leveraging technology and automating processes. “A major part of this is, bringing manufacturing back to the home countries—U.S. and Canada,” states Gail, founder and president, GWA. This isn’t as simple as it sounds because having manufacturing in the home country has its own set of problems. “There is disorganization everywhere. Cost per job is not being captured and whiteboard scheduling is prevalent,” observes Gail. Nevertheless, “embracing latest technologies effectively negates it all. If manufacturing is going to stay in Canada, it has to be profitable” she adds.

Today, the problem is not the non-existence of software; there are plenty of good ones. But people either use the wrong software, or they have multiple non-integrated systems with lots of spread-sheets. “They are using both manual systems and non-integrated software which causes not only a lot of work but also mistakes. Mistakes that can cause profit loss,” comments Gail. GWA helps com-puterize and systematize businesses. Over the years, GWA has assisted companies with virtually every system. Right from basic accounting to manufacturing software, Gail and her team have done it all. She also notes that currently, HR software is found to be lacking more. However, the tides are turning as people are starting to realize that paper-based systems using lots of spreadsheets are incompetent and have no place today.

Seeing the need for economical and feature-rich manufac¬turing soft¬ware, Gail brought in Isah. What’s the added benefit? It works seamlessly with Sage. “So now, you don’t have to worry about having good accounting software,” says Gail. “Sage is very well written for the mid-market,” she adds.
It is not without reason that Sage is dominating the SMB market. With 31 years of in¬dustry experience, GWA almost always recommends Sage 300 ERP due to its features and connectivity to other soft¬ware. Of course, it is not the solution for everyone and that is why GWA insists upon a strategy session with its clients.

Quite interestingly, a company has to qualify to become GWA’s client. Such is the passion and determination of GWA to ensure that a win-win situation is always present. “We make sure that we are on the same page with our clients. This is vital to ensure success,” she reveals. GWA’s team strongly believes in nailing it on their first attempt at something and are experts at providing “Solutions that Fit”—a trademark of GWA.

GWA helps computerize and systematize businesses

GWA’s clients are successful small to medium-sized businesses. Quite recently when a particular large corporation was starting up another subsidiary, GWA had exactly what the client needed—a mid-market software that was out-of-the-box, but flexible. GWA implemented Sage 300 ERP and CRM in combination with Accellos WMS. Furthermore, to meet the taxation demands, GWA put in Sage Sales Tax powered by Avalara which guarantees that the tax rates are correct. With GWA, a client engagement does not just end there. After a project goes live, GWA keeps tabs on clients to further refine or implement new solutions to tackle the problems that crop up. “We make sure that every cent they spend is worthwhile,” says Gail.

With steady growth and a widening presence in the U.S. and Canada, GWA is intent on continuing to help customers grow their business. The firm has also taken on Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Sage 100 Contractor.

GWA Business Solutions

Ontario, Canada

Gail Wilson, Founder & President

Provides solutions for clients utilizing Sage 300 ERP. Also, assists clients needing to move away from Sage Pro or Businessvision. GWA supports many of the Sage products including HRMS and CRM.