GWAVA: Superior Unified Archiving and Unsurpassed Messaging Security

Ken Muir, CEO
Amidst today’s increasing cyber attacks, IT security is of paramount importance. Organizations are trying to the reduce costs involved in managing complexities and mitigating risks, both on-premise and in the cloud. Focused on this, GWAVA has been providing world-class security and archiving for messaging, mobile and social media for more than a decade. The company’s ability to protect messaging infrastructures with superior unified archiving and critical messaging security makes them a frontrunner in the IT security and archiving industry. “We deliver best-of-class security software to protect your email system, as well as to archive massive amounts of messaging data,” says Ken Muir, CEO, GWAVA. Today, organizations such as Harvard University, Dow Chemical and the U.S. Department of Justice, rely on GWAVA for their archive and messaging needs.

GWAVA’s Security Message Gateway protects vital and casual business communication for thousands of organizations. This message gateway uses the latest technology to detect and block viruses, malware, spam and illicit content before they reach an organization’s Microsoft Exchange messaging system. The anti-spam engine present in GWAVA’s security offering provides multi-layered spam defense to protect email and keep unwanted traffic at bay along with DDoS protection; policy-based, multi-tenant configuration; and traffic filtering, while minimizing false positives. It features an excellent zero-hour antivirus protection available for both inbound and outbound traffic. “GWAVA is ‘the’ global software company that delivers highly effective on-premise and cloud-based solutions that protect vital email systems from viruses and spam,” asserts Muir.

We deliver best of- class security software to protect your email system, as well as to archive massive amounts of messaging data

Seeing Office 365’s lack of critical capabilities that leave an organization vulnerable to data loss and compliance violations, GWAVA architected Retain—a flexible enterprise-level Office 365 archiving solution. With Retain, Office 365 customers will have additional functionalities such as policy based archive, centralized control and accessibility of data archive, and built in eDiscovery tools. At the end of the day, Retain helps customers seamlessly migrate to Office 365 void of any data loss.

Over 15 million users in 60 different countries utilize GWAVA’s sophisticated solutions. One of their customers, SVG Strassenverkehrs- Genossenschaft Württemberg eG, works as a service provider for the shipping trade and has around 72 employees, of which 50 are a part of their company network and are working actively with Microsoft Exchange. “We were looking for a solution to get our spam issues under control and to meet existing legal requirements for archiving,” says Boris Sobot, Registered Manager. After analyzing the issues with their existing system, the company’s network advisor recommended implementing GWAVA with Retain. GWAVA’s team worked with the client and in about 4 hours, both Retain and GWAVA were implemented successfully, and the product’s simplicity removed the need to run for a trial period. The employees of SVG now enjoy clean mailboxes, and the IT department no longer worries about the archiving being legally compliant. “What do we like the best about GWAVA? The great spam filter in GWAVA and the clean archiving and compression of e-mails by Retain!” explains Sobot.

Over the years, GWAVA has grown into leading edge multi-platform solutions that span Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, Novell GroupWise and more. “GWAVA is trusted and implemented in thousands of government, education, healthcare and financial institutions worldwide,” states Muir. The company intends to continue expanding its product line to include a number of different topnotch messaging security and unified archiving solutions.


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Ken Muir, CEO

Provider of enterprise-class security and archiving for messaging, mobile and social media