Gwynn Group: Maximizing Efficiencies in Supply Chain Operations

Hugh Gwynn, CEO
In an ideal world, the f low of product from the supplier to customer is synchronized in a demand driven supply chain. In reality, this concept is hampered with the presence of information silos, which affects supply chain visibility. Hugh Gwynn, CEO of Gwynn Group, also shares the same opinion. “In addition to overcoming the information silos, we enable organizations to visualize information while maintaining governance, and provide the ability to identify and obtain transaction level detail in near real time,” says Gwynn.

Irving, TX based Gwynn Group provides total visualization of the supply chain operations and meaningful predictive analytics. The company’s core application, known as the RSX platform or ReportStoreX is an enterprise software solution to provide data integration in downstream or upstream processes. “Apart from visualization and analytics, we provide the ability to take data from multiple silos, relate it together and draw back the transaction level detail,” states Gwynn. From the procurement of inventory assets, to their use, RSX helps to determine many factors. “RSX gives a consistent experience across the platform, whether in mobile or any other channel. The user can apply all of RSX features one after the other,” points out Gwynn. Application workf low is also supported through this solution. Essentially, the core functionality of RSX relies on a multilevel query system, incorporated with a point and click query tool. The tool allows easy access to the information needed by enabling the user to select specific data elements and apply search filters.

RSX software is also combined with diverse features and user defined report tools. The user can review reports within minutes of the billing data being released; store reports for the long term with archival storage capabilities; and consolidate multiple reports, dates and markets into a single document.

Gwynn Group is known to work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to identify an inventory item, specifically required for the client.

RSX gives a consistent experience across the platform, whether in mobile, visualization, or in reports. The user can use all aspects one after the other

The company also looks at other reliable vendors—test or repair providers—who can automatically identify the equipment required for the client. Overall, the RSX software platform overlays the information received from the client. The information is categorized and reports are compared across various data sets in a single document for quick and easy accessibility.

In addition to RSX, Gwynn Group offers a suite of Supply Chain business intelligence solutions to help standardize and streamline equipment data. RSX customers can access these solutions from their respective browserwithout a need to open a new one.

Gwynn Group’s latest innovation, Pulse, is an interactive application that filters to the core of the data and produces a high-impact visual story. Pulse’s framework combines filtering capabilities with interactive charts and graphs providing Gwynn Group clients with a complete and meaningful view of their data.

In the days ahead, Gwynn Group will expand their RSX platform capabilities, while strongly focusing on their visualization library and mobile functionality. Apart from the product expansion, the company is expanding within the cable and communications vertical, while also focusing on new industries to further leverage Gwynn’s Supply Chain solutions.

Gwynn Group

Irving, TX

Hugh Gwynn, CEO

Gwynn Group integrates data that resides within various information silos to provide supply chain operations with total visualization and meaningful predictive analysis