Habber Tec: Leveraging IBM Capabilities for Efficient Management Consulting

Fernando Arencibia Darias, CEO
Today, for management consulting “the practice of improving enterprise performance,” to be effective, it has to be supported by solid business knowledge together with the perfect domain of the technological tools. However, CIOs are challenged by the fast pace of technological changes on all the aspects that touch digital business—affecting overall management consulting processes. Addressing this need is Habber Tec—with presence in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Perú and Mozambique—by leveraging innovation capabilities that lay on top of IBM platforms to help CIOs build custom solutions for improved enterprise performance and digital transformation. On the one side, incorporation of big data and analytics in performance improvement processes is key and has become a trend, not only on a strategic level, but in the operational too. On the other hand, maximizing mobility in all areas of the user interface is also one of the biggest trends affecting management consulting. “Our methodology combines analytics and mobility alongside with improvements in business management through Business Process Management (BPM) or Operational Decision Management (ODM), allowing us to deliver transformative solutions to improve business efficiency and customer experience,” says Fernando Arencibia, CEO, Habber Tec.

Being an experienced IBM reseller, Habber Tec mainly leverages four IBM products to deliver business transformation solutions; IBM ECM, IBM BPM, IBM ODM and IBM MobileFirst. “From our point of view, one of the main distinctive points of these four products is the natural way to combine them in order to create one unique business solution,” explains Arencibia. Habber Tec provides IBM ECM, an Enterprise Content Management platform that allows improvements, in a simple way, related to specific documentation and content management processes. The platform determines which users have to use every piece of content at the right time, in an easy and intuitive way. Intended for agile deployments of automated processes in the business, the company offers IBM BPM, a Business Process Management platform, which has ability to interact with existing system and develop powerful user interfaces. “Habber Tec has developed a specific add on to enable the extraction of all the BPM analytics in order to deliver valuable knowledge to our clients,” defines Arencibia.

Our mission is to help our clients to be the multi-colored chest horse that plays with no bindings

To govern politics and rules to automate thousands of daily operational decisions, the company provides IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) platform. Besides these offerings, Habber proffers IBM’s mobile middleware MobileFirst that delivers multichannel solutions to improve the user experience and mobility. “By using MobileFirst, we are able to build end to end digital processes that even initiate out of our client’s boundaries and reach to their customers or resellers.”

In a performance enhancement highlight, Habber Tec worked with a Brazilian financial institution, Banco Original, in their several different projects that comprises a “Digital Enablement Program.” Habber Tec built various financial services processes on top of IBM Middleware and helped the client to accelerate project deliverables while maintaining the required flexibility to deal with new customer demands for digital banking services. Along with implementing BPM and middleware in an Omni Channel strategy, Habber Tec also connected their mobile sales platform, an application designed for relationship managers, to the new automated back office, providing the same quality and speed delivery through the other banking channels.

“Our mission is to help our clients to be the multi-coloured chest horse that plays with no bindings,” remarks Arencibia. “The horse that can be at any part of the board and move everywhere with incomparable advantages over competitors achieved by increasing knowledge through Business Intelligence and because of the improvements in their operational capabilities through Business Transformation which Habber gives to them,” concludes Arencibia.

Habber Tec

Madrid, Spain

Fernando Arencibia Darias, CEO

Builds custom management solutions with IBM platforms to transform the way organization do business at present