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Frank Walschot, CEO
HAECO’s inception dates back to the years following World War II. What began as a small entity with limited resources grew into a huge corporation that it is today with HAECO’s team of experts whose hard work and resourcefulness combined with the growing demand for aircraft maintenance and engineering, launched the company to success. From there on, the company began building on its capabilities, responding to the evolving customer demands, and eventually spread its wings across the globe with new facilities in different locations.

The HAECO Group comprising 16 operating companies, which include the headquarters, HAECO Hong Kong, together ensure the safety, quality, and reliability of aircraft fleets through a myriad of services such as airframe and line maintenance, cabin reconfiguration, inventory technical management and many more. The company delivers an extensive suite of products and services that cater to cabin interiors of commercial aircraft and private jets. HAECO’s hassle-free solutions, which encompass design, vendor management, installation, and certification are developed by its proficient design and engineering professionals with vast expertise.

HAECO Cabin Solutions, which is one of the company’s business units, manufactures interior products like the Vector family of passenger seats, lavatories, WiFi adapter plates, and storage products, which are notable for their cost savings attributes, reliability and lightweight construction. The product offerings are designed to maximize performance and efficiency and comprise a variety of customizable features and configurations to fit any service level. The unit also designs, builds, certifies, and installs connectivity systems for commercial aircraft and works with suppliers to create custom programs for OEM partners. HAECO Cabin Solutions coupled with the company’s Cabin Optimization and Reconfiguration Services provides the service levels and weight savings required to keep an airline ahead of its competitors.
On the other side, the Private Jet Solutions division of HAECO offers turnkey cabin completions for Airbus and Boeing aircraft with the support of dedicated in-house back-shops, OEM relationships, and highly skilled design engineers. The turnkey solutions consist of industrial design, design engineering and certification, cabin completion with support from specialized cabin support shops, and after-sales support along with airframe maintenance. Private Jet Solutions is the first and only Airbus-approved and Boeing-licensed completion center in the Asia Pacific, making HAECO one of the foremost specialists in private jet cabin completion.

A key strength of HAECO, a leading-edge aircraft engineering, and maintenance group, is its ability to provide a wide range of maintenance, repair, and overhaul services in the avionics landscape. The company offers comprehensive support to its client base together with an array of services for airframe, line, components engines, inventory technical management, cabin solutions, freighter conversion, technical training, and AOG support.

With six decades of aircraft engineering expertise, HAECO delivers an exceptional range of airframe and line maintenance solutions with AOG recovery services. HAECO also offers technical training and examination services that support operators and major players around the globe. By establishing long-standing relationships with OEMs and backed by extensive back-shop support and in-house component service, HAECO enhances its solutions portfolio consistently to keep up with the changing customer demands in the aircraft industry. HAECO takes great pride in its ability to work with customers on tight schedules, delivering shipments within budgets, and to exact specifications.

As a global provider of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services with operations across the Asia Pacific region, North America, and other parts of the world, HAECO aims to be known for its technical expertise, operational excellence, sustainability and the determination to deliver.


Lantau, Hong Kong

Frank Walschot, CEO

HAECO Group offers a full spectrum of services including airframe, line, component, and engine services, inventory and fleet technical management, cabin solutions, private jet solutions, freighter conversion, parts manufacturing and technical training