Halcyon Technologies: Providing Innovative Solutions Fueling The Automotive Industry

Kartik Kakarala, CEO and Co-Founder
Most of the times, it is the experience and expertise that matters for any organization than its glamorous outlook, to survive in a competitive and thriving market. Halcyon Technologies, an application development company in the U.S., is a standing example for this statement—with more than 13 years of expertise in the software development domain—providing invaluable solutions in the areas of inventory management, appraisal management, customer relationship management systems and other critical areas in the automotive sector. With offices in the U.S., U.K and India and employee strength of over 280 people, Halcyon Technologies develops customized products for its clients along with SaaS applications, which are a hot favourite among industry experts.

The $16 billion worth retail automotive industry is currently witnessing a dramatic trend with new software development vendors entering the space, but the demand for expertise and experienced players in the industry still remains high. “Without the experience and industry knowledge, a new entrant will take anywhere about 200 to 350 hours to just analyze and draw an outline for a specific need of a customer; with Halcyon’s years of experience, we develop and test prototypes of new software to meet the need of the client in significantly less time than required by our competitors.” says Kartik Kakarala, CEO and Co-Founder of Halcyon Technologies.

In any industry, particularly the automotive sector, cost to the client primarily determines the future of a company. Halcyon is a leader in providing quality, value-added solutions at a lower cost, making them a preferred choice in the race. “For most of our development efforts, our marketing, business analysis and business consulting is performed onsite and the development is performed at our offshore development center.

Most of our marketing,business analysis,business consulting is done onsite and development is done offshore

Combining these two we provide the most efficient product available in the market at the lowest of all prices,” says Kartik.

Halcyon has addressed some of the most critical areas of the retail automotive sector with its innovative solutions. Typically, it would take a dealer more than 20 minutes to find the details about a vehicle, having to manually refer to stored documentation to retrieve all information. But, with Halcyon’s flagship product for the automotive sector, Redbumper, the dealer can simply use his mobile phone and scan the barcode to get all the information about the vehicle in matter of seconds. This not only reduces time but also increases accuracy and efficiency among dealer operations.

The company also claims to be one of the first players to develop a data pipeline between financial products in the automotive industry to the credit bureaus. Apart from providing solutions to the automotive industry, Halcyon also caters to retail, healthcare, banking and financial institutions, providing custom software solutions, maintenance, consulting, testing, QA, back office support and other BPO solutions. The company also has sister concern operation called the Gridfirst, that provides SaaS services for the Utility sector. In the coming years Halcyon technologies looks forward at steering into unexplored avenues and becoming the best player in the industry by teaming up with the best clients, partners, dealers and customers.

Halcyon Technologies

Columbia, MD

Kartik Kakarala, CEO and Co-Founder

An Enterprise application development company providing innovative and value-added solutions in the areas of CRM, ERP, Inventory and appraisal management systems