Halo: Better and Faster Supply Chain Decisions

Dr.Keith Peterson, President & CEO
Supply chains are a highly-complex, yet very necessary ingredient to nearly any successful business venture,” begins Dr. Keith Peterson, President and CEO, Halo. However, all businesses need in-depth knowledge and technology in understanding and managing the supply chain processes. In a pursuit of developing new solutions for supply chain challenges, Peterson strongly recommended companies to implement data, analytics technology to manage demand, inventory, and supplier relationships. The San Diego, CA based firm, Halo, with innovative blend of technology offers an end-to-end visibility into supply chain operations. They provide a platform for self-service supply chain planning and data discovery, enabling organizations to generate revenue, gain competitive advantage, and increase customer satisfaction.

Halo’s platform helps companies leverage all their corporate data to gain new insights for competitive advantage. It includes easy-to-use pre-packaged self-service solutions with alerts, what-if modeling, dashboards, and predictive analytics for faster and more accurate decisions that bring agility to end-to-end supply chain planning. “We make it easy for business users to get access to their data for quick analysis without taxing IT,” emphasizes Peterson. Halo’s platform is supported by an advanced data warehouse that seamlessly incorporates ERP data with qualitative information to balance inventory with supply.

Additionally, Halo’s unique self-service business intelligence (BI) tools help identify advantages, risks, and opportunities while providing an engine for collaboration along the distributed supply chain. It creates custom scheduled reports and automated alerts to notify when key thresholds are not being met. This in turn enables business users to quickly explore and visualize data from disparate sources to produce new business insights and make critical decisions—from any device, any time.

Moreover, Halo version 16.1—the latest product enhancement is designed to provide further data modeling options, big data connections, and user experience enhancements. It predicts and understands how sales promotions will affect future sales, commodity prices, profit and how weather patterns could disrupt transportation and delivery.

We make it easy for business users to get access to their data for quick analysis without taxing IT

The Halo 16.1 extends the firm’s forecasting capabilities, additional data modeling options and data connections, improved user interface and design, and enhancements to Halo alerting that will enable operations managers to know immediately when there is an inventory shortage or production surplus so they can take action and gain control of their supply chain.

Setting a paradigm trend in the supply chain sector through their pragmatic platform with right tools over the years, Halo has helped many clients across industries. For instance, Halo assisted Ampacet Corporation, a global volume provider of the pelletized pigments that add color to plastics. As the company operates in 12 manufacturing sites across four continents, managing and switching between metric and imperial measures and currency conversions was a nightmare. They had reports from different facilities in different formats, at different times, and with different data. “We needed a system that would allow us to get real-time information from our facilities, regardless of where they were located, so that we could respond faster,” recalls John Smith, BI and Data Warehousing Manager of Ampacet Corporation. With the implementation of Halo BI solution, Ampacet has been able to respond to market forces more quickly. The solution rendered a global view of the business, lowered overhead and improved operations, thus enhancing legacy systems throughout the entire enterprise.

Halo successfully vanguards the pace of supply chain by setting up a lab to explore new approaches to automate data integration and predictive modeling. “We want to embed more predictive analytics into typical supply chain monitoring to automatically detect changes in a supplier’s risk profile and alert them,” concludes Peterson.


San Diego, CA

Dr.Keith Peterson, President & CEO

Provides a platform for self-service supply chain planning and data discovery enabling organizations to grow revenue and gain competitive advantage