Halosys: Empowering the BYOX Generation

CIO Vendor Market data indicates that over half the employees on an average globally participate in BYOD and a staggering number of them are inclined to use smart devices to be productive. So there is a great deal of opportunity for the IT to improve productivity. The challenge lies in effective corporate policy enforcement, securing the corporate data and gaining visibility into the user behavior pertaining to the corporate applications on unmanaged mobile devices while improving quantitatively the employee productivity.

The Solution

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Santa Clara, Halosys is a leading provider of Mobile Solutions and Enterprise Mobility Platform. With its legacy in Mobile & Web, servicing its Fortune 1000 clientele realized a trend around this and built products that have matured over time towards empowering the BYOX generation.

As the modern day IT embraces BYOX (X = D, A, T) they realize that it is easier said than done to mobilize the workforce. The challenge lies in building consistent policy and security enforcement with swift turnaround times in building the mobile applications cost effectively. Halosys through its comprehensive mobility solutions addresses the key challenges highlighted here. "We deliver a suite of pre-built Apps and the HaloMEM platform, which gives organizations the ability to build custom apps to mobilize their Workforce, Partners and Customers," says Avinash Harsh, CEO of Halosys.
Halosys solves the problems of cost and time savings to Develop & Deploy mobile apps while adhering to Mobile First philosophy. The company also delivers a comprehensive Enterprise App Development, App Deployment solution, encompassing app management, installation and analytics along with the associated Support Services. "Our customers include Fortune 1000 Enterprise companies cutting across various sub market verticals. These include one of the largest Data Center infrastructure provider, one of the largest Automotive maker and some of the top global brands like SanDisk, nVidia, Agilent," says Harsh.

Visions For The Future

Over the years Halosys has developed a matured ecosystem that helps it to effectively provide a complete Managed Mobility Solution. By partnering with technology giants like SAP, proven Enterprise Security providers like Citrix and Aruba, platform providers like Aeris and Appcelerator, Halosys ensures that its clients are always confident in their decision to mobilize their business with Halosys.

Driven by its experiences in serving its clientele, the company's vision is to build mobility solutions with the flexibility of customization and yet in a cost effective, standards and open way without compromising on the Mobile First philosophy. The solutions are aimed at removing redundant complexity around the key attributes of policy and security enforcement while providing the right visibility for the IT administrators. To that end they continue to establish technology partnerships and integrate its solutions in an enterprise friendly ecosystem for simplifying operations, administration and maintenance.


There are over one billion smartphone users and it is expected that similar number of smart devices will be sold in 2013. This presents both an opportunity and challenge to an enterprise.