Halvik: Making Agile Business and Adaptive IT a Reality

Vijay Bathula, President Bob Tibbs, VP Operations
As IT goes through a fundamental shift, mobile, BYOD, and cloud-based computing are posing new challenges for IT departments with increased security issues. CIOs now aim at determining the best enterprise strategy to protect the company’s customers and employees with limited resources. Headquartered in Tysons Corner, VA, Halvik provides technology-enabled solutions to help customers realize their business goals. “Our service portfolio, industry experience, and subject matter expertise is the foundation of the remarkable success that Halvik and our clients have experienced in transforming to an Agile business model and Adaptive IT processes,” says Vijay Bathula, President at Halvik. The company, through their Agile Center of Excellence (CoE) is giving firms and agencies the ability to deliver more in a shorter time frame and with limited budgets.

Halvik is committed to delivering smarter IT—Agile, adaptive, and business-aligned. As Mr. Bathula states, “Leveraging our structured Agile development frameworks we have successfully integrated DevOps culture and processes to significantly streamline the delivery of software to production which realizes significant cost and time savings for our customers. This allows continuous customer feedback into our delivery and our clients are involved in every step of the development process.” Halvik’s proven DevOps methodology helps clients create a culture that blends development with operations in order to provide a seamless transition of systems and software through multiple life cycle stages.

According to Robert Tibbs, VP Operations at Halvik, DevOps is evolving from a niche to a mainstream strategy, and the company has been successful in enabling their customers to automate their end-to-end software lifecycle development. “DevOps is a philosophy, a cultural shift that merges operations with development, and demands a linked, seamless chain of technologies and processes to facilitate mutual change,” adds Mr. Tibbs. Halvik helps organizations develop a shared vision for DevOps, instituting a change in IT culture focused on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of a “viable” methodology in a systems development context. “We help ‘rightsize’ your existing processes and supplement them with our mature and proven methodologies to be a catalyst for change by leveraging Agile Development, DevOps, and coupled with Automated Testing to significantly reduce total cost of ownership,” asserts Mr. Bathula. Each element of our DevOps methodology is supported by a playbook that our clients customize for their DevOps implementation.

We help ‘rightsize’ your existing processes and supplement them with our mature and proven methodologies to be a catalyst for change by leveraging Agile Development, DevOps, and Automated Testing to significantly reduce total cost of ownership

Halvik has been instrumental in helping its clients to transition from waterfall to Agile software development lifecycles. Their teams assist organizations through Agile coaching, Agile development, software engineering, automated testing, and integrating DevOps to accelerate their software release schedules and frequency of delivery. They offer innovative customizable frameworks using leading edge technologies through Lean Minimal Viable Product (MVP) methodologies, structural engineering, and automated testing in DevOps environments to streamline test integration from unit testing to user acceptance testing.

The company has helped several large Federal agencies to set up a full Agile system/software lifecycle support in a DevOps environment for the development and implementation of new information systems and the enhancement of its legacy systems. Halvik’s solution architects and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide strategic direction and vision guidance to the federal agencies CIO’s office. The company excels in supporting next generation initiatives, promoting interoperability and providing project management oversight for the customers.

The company invests internally in their people, to promote a culture of empowerment and forward thinking technical leadership. Their delivery pillars - Agile, DevOps, Big Data, UI, and Test Automation technical leads are responsible for the overall approach and consistent implementation across the entire organization. “For the days to come, we are aiming at providing better services and becoming thought leaders in Agile development, system engineering, automated testing, and DevOps,” concludes Mr. Bathula.


McLean, VA

Vijay Bathula, President Bob Tibbs, VP Operations

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