Handwrytten: A Pen and Paper Approach to Business Communication

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David Wachs, CEO
In today’s world of emails, tweets, and text messages, we are drowning in digital communication. Because of this, it really stands out when someone takes the time to send a personal, handwritten note. As receiving a handwritten note is a relative rarity, the simple act of sending one creates a bond that cannot be overstated; envelope open rates triple, and customers have proven to become substantially more brand loyal. However, finding the time to write these notes can be difficult or even impossible in large numbers.

“We set out to build a platform that provides sales professionals a way to send handwritten notes at scale, just like they send email,” says David Wachs, founder and CEO of Handwrytten—a global leader in writing and mailing personalized, handwritten notes. “Via our platform, our users can connect with their clients in ways that previously were not possible.” Handwrytten allows its users to compose handwritten notes in over 18 different authentic handwriting styles and write them on a variety of note cards, including stationery customized with the sender’s logo. The writing is indistinguishable from real handwriting, with character variation and small changes to line spacing and margins to create an organic look.

Gift cards to major brands—such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Visa—can be inserted with the note. For a small additional fee, organizations can include other inserts such as business cards as well. Notes start at $3.25 each, with substantial bulk discounts available. All notes feature a handwritten envelope with a real stamp.

“In order to deliver the most realistic writing, we designed our own, patent-pending robots. These robots write the sender’s notes in ballpoint pen, creating a truly authentic look,” states Wachs. “We know people expect their notes to be sent quickly, which is why we continually build more robots to keep up with demand. Because of this, most orders are mailed the next business day.”

The service is available via its web site and by apps for iOS and Android. In addition to a fully-documented API, integrations are also developed for Zapier, HubSpot and Salesforce.com.

Via our platform, our users can connect with their clients in ways that previously weren’t possible

The Salesforce.com app, available for free from the AppExchange, allows users to send handwritten notes directly from the contact, account, opportunity, and lead pages. All activity is logged back to the record’s activity list. Usage of the service can be tracked and managed for compliance, and robust reporting is available through Salesforce.com’s report objects. Automated notes can be configured through Salesforce. com’s Process Builder. Notes can then be triggered when a client hits a certain stage in the pipeline, or another key milestone is met.

Handwrytten’s clients range from major non-profits and luxury brands to small mortgage brokers and financial service providers. The Salesforce.com app is leveraged by both large sales teams and individual users. “Our clients send notes for a variety of occasions, from general thank you notes to birthday and holiday greetings,” adds Wachs. “One client even found it useful to ship each of their customers a slightly incorrect order, just so they could follow-up with a handwritten apology. Surprisingly, our client found that customers who received the handwritten apology had higher lifetime value than customers that hadn’t had an issue in the first place.”

Moving forward, the company intends to add additional campaign management tools and streamline the signature insertion processes. Integrations for Shopify and other market-leading platforms are also being planned. The company’s mission is to drive deeper relationships and create loyalty and continues to do this one handwritten note at a time.


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David Wachs, CEO

Handwrytten’s platform allows users to send handwritten notes, written in pen on the stationery of their choice, directly from their keyboard or mobile device. For a small fee, Handwrytten will even include gift cards to major brands such as Target, Amazon, and Starbucks or the user’s business card. The service is available via its web site and by apps for iOS and Android. Plug-ins are also developed for Zapier, HubSpot, and Salesforce.com. A full API is available for custom integrations. Notes start at $3.25 each, with substantial bulk discounts available