Hanley Energy: Vendor-Neutral Energy Management Solutions

David Liddle, Managing Director, USA
Today, data center environments require reliable power supply in order to ensure safe, systematic, and cost-effective operations. The electrical distribution systems for such demanding environments are complex to install and maintain, often hampering companies’ ability to keep their data centers up and running round the clock. In such a scenario, organizations need critical data center power solutions that can minimize downtime and improve efficiency, while reducing the environmental impact of the high energy demand. At the forefront of catering to these requirements is Hanley Energy, a specialist in data center energy management, offering bespoke solutions that increase uptime and cost savings while reducing the complexities in deploying critical power systems. “We deliver solutions that are centered on the re-sale, installation, and commissioning of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, generators, batteries and our products monitor all the critical power components,” says David Liddle, Managing Director, Hanley Energy.

Hanley Energy provides fully configured power systems including switchgear, power transformers, unit substations, and UPS. “We help customers maintain the highest uptime, improve operational efficiency, and ensure system reliability,” points out Liddle. Mission critical processes need a power system that is cleaner and more reliable than what a typical utility can provide. Hanley Energy’s products achieve power availability by providing immediate UPS backup power and power switching solutions, while reducing system disturbance. Irrespective of the manufacturer or the type of switchgear, Hanley Energy’s solutions control critical power functions even when the main power switch is off. “It automatically moves over to UPS and generator systems by leveraging in-built intelligence,” states Liddle.

The company’s Powerlink+ is a vendor neutral, event and power monitoring system that allows customers to perform event sequencing in chronological order with milli-second time stamping technology. It gives enterprises the opportunity to do both predictive and preventative linkage, enabling them to gain visibility into key data even though there is a shortage or burst of energy across the system.This allows the enterprise to maintain its Service Level Agreement (SLA) commitment with their customers.

Hanley Energy also specializes in turnkey, Modular Data Center infrastructure from 1MW-5MW in size. These modular units provide space, power and connectivity to technology giant customers enabling them to deliver digital content to end users like never before.

We help customers maintain the highest uptime, improve operational efficiency, and ensure system reliability

Data delivery is optimized by placing these scalable data centers at the most critical locations—as close as possible to the end user’s point of access.

Powerhive, for example, is Hanley Energy’s Micro Data Center for offices—a self-contained wiring closet or server room in-a-box, ideal for smaller distributed equipment, such as in retail banking, healthcare, laboratories, and universities. “Powerhive can be pre-built offsite, to a customer’s specifications. Once it arrives on premise, it can be up and running immediately, reducing all manner of costs, time wastage and space usage—it fits very much with what’s happening around Cloud, with now smaller amounts of computing on site,” says Liddle.

Recently, Hanley Energy designed and installed a turnkey data center and a UPS system to Irish Rail, Ireland’s national public transport entity. “Irish Rail needed additional technology to support its evolving data and information technology requirements, while also reducing energy consumption,” adds Liddle. Subsequently, Hanley Energy deployed a turnkey data center and UPS system that supported the client’s complex operations and also ensured uninterrupted delivery of service to its customers. “Our solution met their needs and contributed to 33 percent in energy savings,” comments Liddle.

Currently, Hanley Energy operates in the U.S., Germany, and Europe and is looking forward to launching its products in parts of Asia and Australia. With an ambitious international growth strategy, the company is set on continuing to seek and win new business abroad. “We are proud to be a part of the data center ecosystem and we will be striving to evolve and grow in the market globally,” concludes Liddle.

Hanley Energy

Ashburn, VA

David Liddle, Managing Director, USA

Specializes in the design, supply, installation, and support of customized energy and critical power management solutions for a diverse range of business sectors.

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