Hansa Cequity: Enriching Customer Equity

S. Swaminathan, Co-founder & CEO
Engaged and loyal customers are the lone powerhouse of today’s businesses. Companies are striving to think, feel and act in the way the customers feel recognized and differentiated. However spotting these potential customers from the millions and millions of data, acquiring them intelligently, retaining them optimally and managing them profitably is a herculean task for the enterprises. This is where Hansa Cequity, a new-age marketing services company brings in its Big Data, analytics and campaign management services and solutions together, thereby helping enterprises build insightful, intelligent and real-time customer relationships.

With offices across India and in Chicago, Illinois, Hansa Cequity serve the needs of enterprises across Banking, FMCG, Automotive, Insurance, Retail, Travel and Hospitality and other sectors. Services are built and delivered around five major platforms—a Big Data Management Platform that stores and manages millions of customer records; a Customer Analytics and Insights Platform that can perform marketing analytics, customer analytics, campaign analytics, customer lifetime value analysis, social media analytics and more; a Marketing Optimization Platform that answers deep and fundamental marketing questions using past and real-time data intelligence to help companies optimize marketing spends; a Campaign Management Platform that can serve hundreds of customized, measurable, and scalable campaigns via mobile, email, contact centre and social media platforms; and a Digital Experience Platform that listens to customer conversations using its online listening platform and then crafts and delivers personalized communication solutions for brands.

Leveraging the power of Big Data through these proprietary marketing automation and analytics platforms, Hansa Cequity develops data analytics-driven marketing strategies for organizations.
Ajay Kelkar, Co-founder & COO

The company’s data consultants unify data from multiple sources; the analysts and customer marketing specialists glean out insights and vision of the client's customers or prospects; the campaign management and digital marketing consultants then create meaningful engagement opportunities in a multi-channel environment. “Hansa Cequity helps clients redefine their customer engagement and relationship strategies by leveraging the power of customer intelligence and marketing automation technologies. We see a paradigm shift in the way marketing is getting redefined in companies due to data availability and technology adoption by customers. We strive to innovate and bring together the power of science and art to our marketing solutions and services for clients,” says Swaminathan, CEO of Hansa Cequity.

The analytics team at Hansa Cequity has built a series of Next Best Action (NBA) predictive models for a leading company in the media and entertainment sector, to get up to 10x revenue lift thereby garnering loyalty and higher retention for the brand. “Big data Analytics is at the core of what we do and some of our work got us recognition at a recent Marketing Science Institute conference at Darden School of business, University of Virginia” says Ajay Kelkar, COO of Hansa Cequity.

The company, which has been known to innovate for its clients, has recently launched a first of its kind loyalty program that integrates rewards for social actions.
Going forward, Hansa Cequity intends to become a strategic marketing consulting partner to clients helping them provide intelligence-driven customer experiences and relationships thereby becoming a leader in the analytics-led marketing industry in the future.

Hansa Cequity

Chicago, IL

S. Swaminathan, Co-founder & CEO and Ajay Kelkar, Co-founder & COO

A marketing services company that brings together the power of data, analytics, campaign management, digital platforms & services for brands