HansaWorld: Streamlining Business Processes with an Integrated System

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Over time, ERP has been evolving to simplify the operational challenges in business processes and improve the productivity of enterprises across different industries. Although ERP software has been instrumental in helping organisations achieve operational excellence, the use of multiple systems for various processes has increased the complexity of the entire affair. At this junction, the idea of an all-in-one system that supports most devices and operating systems and accommodates varying business models could bring a world of difference to an enterprise. This is precisely what HansaWorld brings to the table; the company enables organisations to manage their businesses with its automated business management software that supports most devices and operating systems, and accommodates various business models.

With humble beginnings in Sweden, HansaWorld started its journey with an accounting program for Apple computers created by the current CEO, Karl Bohlin. Subsequently, HansaWorld’s unique solution was developed over time by translating it into multiple languages for international distribution. “Our application is platform agnostic and the architecture of the product was built with the idea of scalability so as to incorporate localisations and other requirements that client might have,” says Jennifer O’Carroll, Operations Manager of HansaWorld. Whether it is from a linguistic perspective or geographical, HansaWorld’s revolutionary solutions appeals to customers across different territories. “Having been in the industry for over thirty years, we are well-positioned to offer fully developed and integrated business management software that comes with a competitive cost of ownership and is adaptable to the needs of most businesses,” emphasizes Jennifer.

The idea of a single solution replacing multiple systems for simplifying the various processes is the basis on which HansaWorld’s solutions have been built. The usage of multiple solutions, which may require different operating systems or may not be compatible on being updated, can make the whole process a big mess altogether for organisations. “The idea of ongoing maintenance and ensuring seamless functionality through our embedded solutions is what prompted us to provide tools that helped organizations run their businesses effectively,” explains Jennifer.

HansaWorld’s portfolio of solutions caters to array of verticals such as retail, production, hotels, resorts and several other spaces. “We also offer warehouse management and other options for hotels and restaurants,” adds Jennifer. Through HansaWorld’s Standard ERP system, which comprises components such as account management, order processing, inventory, manufacturing and job costing, organisations across different industries can manage their business processes efficiently. The fully integrated application has its own built-in CRM with functionalities like email, document management, electronic conferencing and schedulers, to manage workflows and processes.

Our application was built with the idea of scalability so as to incorporate localisations and other requirements that client might have

One of the key differentiators that make HansaWorld a game changer in the industry is the way it manages to combine widespread technologies into a single package that can be used extensively throughout an organisation. With a streamlined architecture that functions effortlessly, the system does not compromise on the speed with which it functions, making it fast in comparison to the available systems. To top it off, HansaWorld’s cloud hosting option offers great flexibility and provides organisations the ability to install its solutions from any part of the world on any device with a network connection giving them the advantage of being able to function from remote locations across the globe.

Drawing on a recent engagement, Jennifer recalls the time when ANZ, one of the largest banks in Australia and New Zealand, required a comprehensive product that was compliant with specific bank code types while selecting a system to manage the operations for their ANZ Staff Club. The firm had evaluated several solutions such as Oracle, Retail Express and other CRMs and dismissed them as they lacked robust security solutions and did not meet their cost requirements before reaching out to HansaWorld. The company’s state-of-the-art platform accommodated the required security features and functionalities with optimal costs and became the clear choice for ANZ Staff Club. The organisation has been using the platform since then to streamline its business process efficiently, and currently enjoys the benefits of securely storing all their information in a single database and auditing their internal procedures that Standard ERP delivers.

In a move to ease the implementation process, HansaWorld is working toward ensuring the smooth functioning of its software installation and auto updates. The company is planning to extend its solutions into the healthcare sector and is rolling out offerings toward the same. The next step for the company is to take its solutions up a notch by developing the AI functions of its chatbot ‘Anna’, which assists in admin functionalities related to ERP.


Jennifer O’Carroll, Operations Manager and Karl Bohlin, CEO

HansaWorld specializes in enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. With three decades of experience, HansaWorld’s software automates business processes for companies worldwide and provides business management solutions for a wide range of industries. The company offers a single, fully integrated system that supports most devices and operating systems and accommodates various business models. HansaWorld continues to invest in research and development to ensure their products are localized, future proof and always compatible with the latest technology. Using their proprietary programming language, HansaWorld offers a range of business management software, available in over 30 languages on almost any platform