Hanu Software: Powering Cloud Migrations with Azure

Kevin McCauley, Vice President Cloud Services
One of Microsoft’s preferred Cloud systems integration partner, Hanu Software, headquartered in Princeton, NJ, helps companies accelerate their ascent towards the Cloud. Since 2002, the company is providing software development services to independent software vendors and enterprises.

“Most customers need help identifying the right use case for first Cloud project, especially in the Microsoft environment. Meanwhile, many internal IT technical teams are hesitant to embrace the Cloud, as their main concern is security and the learning curve involved,” says Kevin McCauley, Vice President, Cloud Services, Hanu. The companies navigating the complex and fragmented Microsoft landscape, looking for service providers to help with consulting, implementation, and support choose Hanu as a partner due to its rich experience with Azure since its conception.

Our strong relationship with Microsoft helps us in getting valuable, cutting edge and recent Azure updates

As a member of the Azure Circle program, Hanu helps with Cloud awareness, Cloud assessment and Cloud adoption. Their network of Microsoft Cloud architects brings in the Azure expertise a company needs for new Cloud application as well as for migrating existing applications to the Cloud. The company is expert on helping their clients upgrade from old SQL server and WinSrv to Azure experiences. “We have done a number of SQL migrations to PaaS and guided many companies towards new Microsoft scenarios like Oracle on Azure,” claims McCauley.
“Also our strong relationship with Microsoft helps us in getting cutting edge insights on new technologies/beta products,” he adds.

Hanu is dedicated in developing effective outsourcing partnerships with clients in order to accelerate time for market, reduce operational cost, and empower them to devote more time to their core business. The company has earned a long list of clients including Phigrid, Care Next, Gibson Technology Group, Instant and Logical source to name a few. A good example of the potential of Hanu’s solution can be found from their work with a client in the institutional food service sector that had built software focusing on biometric point of-sale solutions in schools. To grow market- share and simplify technology, the company decided to migrate to Cloud and run in an easily managed, scalable, and reliable environment. Hanu suggested that the company should begin with migration to Windows Azure, since their account was already built on the Microsoft.Net Framework. A move to Windows Azure meant more security, scalability, and a flexible, service-based business model. After the migration, the Food Service Solution Company was able to provide better service to school districts with reducing the need for on-premises infrastructure. It helped cut budget and align easily to the frequently changing government regulations.

As Azure takes the world by storm, Hanu is concentrating to help customers embrace its managed services. For the future, company is concentrating on the self-service capabilities in ‘Hanu Insight’ for Azure. This Cloud service accompanied with help from Hanu is going to make them a household name as their new network enhancements help migrating to Azure simpler. “We are also concentrating on ExpressRoute that will reduce security concerns and help in faster adoption to Azure, an Active Directory, and a Visual Studio Online as modern developmental platform,” adds McCauley.

The company’s take out is Microsoft Azure and the senior architects that are well versed in the Microsoft ecosystem and extensive experience with Azure continues in making Hanu customers’ favorite.

Hanu Software

Princeton, NJ

Kevin McCauley, Vice President Cloud Services

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