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Sashi kumar, CEO & MD
With the burgeoning shift in consumer preferences and the bevy of technological changes ruling the present epoch, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is in the nub of a major transformation. Simultaneously, their demands have also become extremely high, so as to seek information instantly, to keep the expenses as low as possible and carry out the operations efficaciously. Considering the above parameters, CPG landscape has to start gaining the digital edge, to enable shopping anytime, anywhere for the consumers and to bring in agility and speed to all aspects of the business. Happiest Minds Technologies creates ground-breaking CPG solutions to facilitate digital transformation— helping companies deliver connected experience to the end consumers by constantly identifying new ways of engaging with customers.

The Seattle, WA based firm offers CPG solutions for apparel, footwear and fashion, home and personal care and food and beverage industry segments. Happiest Minds Technologies helps CPG players to deploy social technologies both externally and internally for communicating with their partners, customers as well as the employees. The company’s social computing capabilities enable organizations to better understand, engage and influence the customer requirem ents and their preferences by leveraging disruptive technologies including mobility, cloud computing and analytics.

Happiest Minds’ Digital Advisory Sales/ Service Platform (DASP) for retail, is a disruptive solution offering real-time information of the customer, product and offerings in context to interactions between customers and sales associates. This platform provides customer profile with categorizations along with loyalty point based on purchase history— through which organizations can know about interest, behavior, personality, and preference of the customers.

The comprehensive SaaS Retail Execution Solution on cloud for agile channel sales from Happiest Minds, assists organizations with timely actionable sales data and effectual management control over sales supply chain. This SaaS solution, along with the enterprise application infrastructures like accounting packages, ERP systems, minimizes the time to market, manageability, and total cost of ownership, offering sales visibility as well as execution visibility for trade promotions.

Our social computing capabilities enable organizations to better understand, engage and influence the customer requirements

“At Happiest Minds, agility is built into our DNA; deploying agile methodologies and practices to develop solutions that deliver seamless customer experience, enable increased business efficiency and provide actionable insights through an integrated set of disruptive technologies for our customers,” appraises Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, Happiest Minds technologies.

As a corroboration of such expertise, Happiest Minds assisted an Indian Conglomerate as they were looking for innovative ways to manage and enhance their online reputation and customer interactions across multifarious web channels. In addition, they also wanted to measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns and online customer engagement initiatives. Happiest Minds, through its one stop portal managed their online and social media marketing content, coupons, contact lists, directory listing and channel reputation productively. This enabled users to track customer actions across channels and extract the indispensable statistical data by bee lining and merging customer, social and campaign data. The company also provided mobile application for managing their social media content and customer interactions on the swing. Ensuing this, the client was able to establish a secure partnership with more than 100 premium hospitality brands and achieve quicker response times to customer posts, queries and comments on social channels with zero time delay.

“The next big idea in consumer technology will be augmented reality. Consumers will be able to interact with virtual objects and simulate experiences,” assures Soota. Happiest Minds ushers in a new era of growth by improving customer experience through their pragmatic technology solutions for companies, both virtually and in store.

Happiest Minds Technologies

San Jose, CA

Sashi kumar, CEO & MD

Creates innovative CPG solutions to enable digital transformation, so that companies can deliver connected experience to end consumers