Hawk Incentives: Inspiring Engagement through Innovative Sales Channel Incentive Solutions

Sheree Thornsberry, General Manager of Hawk Incentives
Incentives have always played a significant role in bolstering engagement of sales teams and distribution networks for companies spanning a multitude of verticals, but managers working to orchestrate such programs with spreadsheets or outdated platforms face growing challenges. To establish or grow share of market, and pursuant share of wallet, companies today must acknowledge the mobile customer, demands for digitalization and personalization. The market has become more fluid and demanding, yet the cumbersome process of maintaining incentive program data for multiple vendors and salespeople has simply not kept up with the changing business landscape.

Instead of utilizing clunky spreadsheets and expending precious personnel hours to input and monitor rewards initiatives manually, customers of Hawk Incentives have an easy-to-use, fast-to-launch, nimble, and cost-saving solution— Hawk Earn™—that creates a powerful sales incentive solution for a complex market. The company’s incentive solution is built around four main concepts: creating universal access to engage the maximum number of participants, ease of participation, variety in rewards and speed to pay. Through the SaaS-based sales and channel incentive platform, Hawk Incentives delivers a highly configurable platform that is easy to implement.

Sheree Thornsberry, General Manager of Hawk Incentives, explains the unique attributes Hawk Earn offers to businesses wanting to make the most out of their channel and sales incentive programs. She states, “We have developed a solution that allows our partners to engage in a more meaningful way with their networks.” Hawk Incentives offers multiple cloud-based, “configurable” modules to its customers – learning, claiming, communication, asset management and rewards catalog. These allow customers to create an on-brand experience, while focusing effort on key sales-growing activities.

Hawk Incentives has a deep understanding of how different reward strategies have the ability to drive certain behaviors, and when combined with its breadth and depth of rewards content, Hawk Incentives’ customers can create more efficient channel distribution and sales systems specifically fit to their needs. Thornsberry states, “We have built a powerful technology platform that allows customers to incent their teams at every stage of the process.”

Hawk Incentives has built a powerful sales channel incentive solution that allows customers to incent their teams at every stage of the sales lifecycle

Whether it is reaching a specific sales quota or delivering a set number of new product introductions, successful completion of each activity is incentivized through the platform with a points-based system. Once participants have accumulated points, they have the opportunity to redeem them from Hawk Incentives’ impressive rewards catalog.

Hawk Incentives works with many large organizations to solve specific pain points related to their channel networks and sales teams. With one notable retail customer that operated both brick-and-mortar locations and an online store front, the sales incentive programs across their vendor landscape were increasingly difficult to manage efficiently. Hawk Incentives implemented its channel incentive solution to pull the program details together under a single platform, allowing the retailer to include multiple rules structures and hierarchies as needed. By enabling the retailer to pinpoint program spend, Hawk Incentives helped bring it to a controllable level in addition to empowering the retailer with data on its rewards initiatives to create more targeted, effective programs moving forward.

Hawk Incentives has experienced incredible success in the business arena given its ongoing commitment to creating a better incentive experience for its clients and their customers.

Looking ahead, the company plans to continue its expansion to meet the needs of international channel networks and sales teams, as well as add powerful functionality to each of its robust platforms. Thornsberry concludes, “We are focused on adding to our coverage of different verticals as we add new clients, helping companies achieve sales loyalty through easy-to-implement solutions with the best-fit rewards.”

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Sheree Thornsberry, General Manager of Hawk Incentives

Hawk Incentives offers sales and channel incentive solutions that cut through complexity to inspire more engagement. Hawk Incentives’ easy-to-use solutions motivate sales teams with the right rewards delivered the right way

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