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Mostafa Adam, CEO
Improved efficiency and stability in operational workflow are some of the important aspects that new entrepreneurs need to enforce if they want their businesses to grow. One of the factors that allow them to find success is having a prime networked ERP system in place. One of the very few solution providers who can deliver to these businessmen is Haya Solutions; a software development firm that offers cutting-edge, cloud-based ERP platforms that are capable of changing the workflow patterns at enterprises and provides a clear and concise supply infrastructure.

The organization offers a range of solutions leveraging a variety of technologies provided by online ERP giants and was recently named an alliance partner of NetSuite, an Oracle company. Haya Solutions is also a partner member in NetSuite’s Cloud Development Network. The developers at the company use NetSuite technologies to design and build state-of-the-art, customized solutions for clients that require better business structures at their bases. Besides NetSuite, Haya Solutions also works with a large group of online cloud-based service providers—Google, Acumatica, Zoho, RingCentral to name a few—and uses algorithms to integrate and implement their action-packed platforms into the solution engines they provide for their clients.

Clients that approach Haya Solutions seeking support are treated with an array of tech-platforms for ERP, CRM, supply chain, as well as for other sectors in their respective industries, and are left wonderstruck.

A vital differentiator that separates the organization from its competitors is the staff they maintain to produce software for their clients; they employ a different set of people for every cloud-based service partner. The process to create a platform for a prospective customer is simple. A team of highly trained individuals has a meeting with the various units of the client to understand critical issues with current legacy systems. The problems are taken into consideration, and the team with the added knowledge begins to develop a custom solution that can substantially improve the business operations of their clients.

We offer customers real-time support that gives them real-time visibility into their operations and makes their business efficient

One of the customers, a leader in the retail and wholesale landscape was having trouble with their supply chain performance and invoice maintenance. The firm approached Haya Solutions in the hopes of improving their efficiency, which would lead to better revenue generation. The team at Haya Solutions went on to develop a solution built over NetSuite’s technology that would perform seamlessly across networks for the client. The new platform enabled for all the operations of their client’s business to fall under a single control system. The real-time insights it offers escalated the success of the trader’s marketplace and increased the efficiency at their bases by sixty percent. The client was able to gain optimal invoice, shipping, and inventory management that enabled for better transactional payouts and higher profits.

Haya Solutions also offers round-the-clock system support to clients, “We offer customers real-time support that gives them real-time visibility into their operations and makes their business efficient,” asserts Mostafa Adam, CEO.

With operations running successfully all across Canada, the U.S., and the Middle East, the team at Haya Solutions is continuing to grow. A proposal to open a new office in Dubai to extend the company’s operations in the Middle East is on the cards and could materialize by the end of the year. “We are looking to be the top company, and an industry leader that provides custom IT solutions to businesses across North America, and the Middle East, and this is the main focus and vision that we have at Haya,” concludes Adam.

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Mostafa Adam, CEO

Assists newcomers in the entrepreneurship spectrum to overcome their hurdles across varied IT issues by enabling them with cutting-edge, cloud-based ERP systems

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