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Koorosh Yasami, CEO
The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly, and with that evolution has come a paradigm shift that has resulted in a transition from strictly reactive medicine to a more proactive approach. This is in large part due to new population health management technology that allows healthcare providers to access and analyze patient data to help address red flags before patients need treatment. However, Koorosh Yasami, CEO of Health BI, believes that the term “population health” is being abused. He says, “Many of the organizations promote their solutions as a population health solution, when in reality they are basically providing the same segmented product with a new label.”

Health BI offers their advanced Population Health Management solution to help provide a consistent platform for the consolidation and analysis of patient data. This platform is independent from the various data sources in the healthcare industry. However, the lack of standards in previous implementations of EMRs and EHRs, the uniformity between various data collection systems and the unwillingness of some healthcare providers to share patient data prove challenging.

Fortunately, despite these challenges, Health BI has found success in the implementation of the Population Health Management platform. In 2016, CMS reported that Health BI had successfully reduced readmission anywhere from 12- 17 percent in various markets and contributed to a decrease in unwanted admission by 14 percent. In addition, Yasami says, “As a by-product of our efforts, primary care follow-up has increased, while the average number of days between discharge date and follow-up has drastically reduced.”

Health BI also offers Health Collaborate, which was designed to share members’ critical events such as hospitalization, ER visits, and customized care paths with their virtual care team, and a number of other products.

We are not just a software company; we are proud to be trusted advisors of our clients on their journey

“I can proudly claim that our product suites are some of the most comprehensive population health offerings in the market,” says Yasami. Years of development go into every product, which is tailored to the needs of their clients. Yasami elaborates, “We believe that due to the complexity of our industry, one-size-fits-all products will not succeed. Thus, we created dynamic and fully configurable solutions.”

However, the key to Health BI’s success doesn’t lie strictly in the quality and configurability of their products; it is also related to their approach with clients. Health BI does not see themselves as developing a simple software product, but rather as working with their healthcare partners to implement a program and strategy, with the ultimate goal of comprehensive healthcare for everyone.

Aside from strengthening their current products, in the future, Health BI will turn to areas of product development that include aspects such as mobility, patient engagement, relevant analytics and trends. Yasami explains, “We have heavily invested in behavioral and physical health integration, socioeconomic factors, and cultural factors for better care in our roadmap for 2017. We are also adding services in addition to the products we have on the market. As a result, we can assist organizations that are lacking transformation consultant resources to get their program off the ground as soon as possible.”

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Koorosh Yasami, CEO

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